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What are the pathological types of nephrotic syndrome

2017-01-25 17:05
What are the pathological types of nephrotic syndrome
Many diseases can lead to the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome. There are many pathological types of nephrotic syndrome. If you know these pathological types, you will be better able to treat the disease. You can better understand the development of the disease process. Because of this professional is relatively strong, so that people may not understand the special. Look at it now.
If had nephrotic syndrome, so timely understanding of nephrotic syndrome in various pathological types of nephrotic syndrome is still very necessary, so that you can more detailed understanding of their condition, treatment can be effective with the doctor. The pathological type of nephrotic syndrome is the following. Now to find out more about it.
The first is a small variant of nephritis, the main thing is glomerular epithelial cell foot process will be fused, this disease is not easy to find. Younger children and adolescents are more common. This is absolutely not visible to the naked eye hematuria. Some people may have gross hematuria.
The second is mesangial proliferative nephritis, most of the performance of some high blood pressure, the disease will be more common in young people. No previous infection. Some are not very easy to find, and some will be particularly acute onset.
Third, membranous nephropathy. The disease is more common in older people, usually after the age of 35. At the beginning of the disease, it is not easy to find. In adults with nephrotic syndrome may account for about thirty percent. Fortunately, however, the development of the disease will be slower, but there is a little less good, there may be thrombosis.
The last is proliferative glomerulonephritis. The onset of this disease may be earlier than the onset of model nephropathy. Most will be before the onset of 30 years old, there will be a number of infections, the onset will be more urgent, if you do urine routine examination, then there may be a number of red blood cells. Kidney function will also decline, and some people will have high blood pressure performance.
Kidney disease, we must actively go to the hospital for treatment. Only timely diagnosis. Timely treatment, the final healing will be better. If you only know the pathological type of kidney disease, but do not accept positive and effective treatment, it will seriously affect your life and work. The body is their own, to learn to cherish.

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