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Nephrotic syndrome is how sick?

2017-02-09 15:41

Kidney disease is very terrible, if found in a timely manner, it will occur in patients with nephrotic syndrome, which is a great harm to the disease, it was also asked that the nephrotic syndrome can be cured? Nephrotic syndrome is how sick?

Nephrotic syndrome is how to form?

Nephrotic syndrome is divided into primary nephrotic syndrome and secondary nephrotic syndrome.

Primary nephrotic syndrome is mainly caused by glomerular diseases, such as glomerulonephritis, minimal change disease and other diseases.

Two, secondary nephrotic syndrome, as by bacteria, virus and parasite infection may cause nephrotic syndrome; if suffering from systemic disease, genetic diseases, metabolic diseases and tumors would also cause nephrotic syndrome.

In addition, other poisoning, allergies and other conditions is also the cause of nephrotic syndrome, so when there is a timely treatment.

How to treat nephrotic syndrome

At present, the treatment of nephrotic syndrome is a common method of Western medicine hormone therapy, this treatment in the clinical effect, but the side effects are obvious:

1, body fat, full face, buffalo back.

2, can cause osteoporosis, osteonecrosis of the femoral head.

3, the body resistance, blood glucose, corticosteroid, gastrointestinal ulcer, electrolyte disorders, etc.. At the same time, when the nephrotic syndrome patients to reduce or stop taking hormone drugs, the disease often occurs repeatedly or aggravated.

Nephrotic syndrome is referred to as the kidney synthesis, caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased with the decrease of glomerular filtration rate and clinical symptoms were mainly glomerular lesions similar syndrome, rather than a separate disease.

The typical manifestations are massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, edema, hyperlipidemia.


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