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Changbai hair were derived from "false"

2017-02-12 10:40

Changbai hair were derived from "false"

Zhang Cang said: "in fact, no matter what the cause of white hair, is a" virtual "cause, even the heat caused by the so-called Whitehead, nature is the body of liver blood dissipation caused by kidney essence."

From the Chinese medicine theory, the hair is more than blood, and published in the kidney, so that the kidney in the hair, when the kidneys do not pay (insomnia, neurasthenia), or congenital deficiency or excessive anxiety Haoshang blood, injury of kidney essence or feel alarmed when the hair will turn white.

Under normal circumstances, the 40 year old president of white hair, this is because with the increase of age, kidney essence gradually decay, not Rong Yang hair, there will be hair. This is a natural phenomenon, do not need treatment. But if suddenly a period of time, white hair, mostly due to the body caused by the air compressor disorder, then take the treatment for the cause, often gray hair can be re black.

The worries over white hair early now

Modern medicine thinks, excessive grief, fear, shock and mental fatigue status will cause the supply of hair nutrition vasospasm, the functional disorder of the secretion of melanin, resulting in white hair. For example, often encounter this kind of situation in the people's life, when the cause is not smooth, or a death in the family, or suffered serious illness, it will grow a lot of white hair in a short period of time, even in the short term the hair is all white. This is actually caused by the influence of emotions.

Emotional depression or excessive grief, can lead to liver qi stagnation, blood running and blood lead, Rong Yang hair while white. Such people are usually accompanied by dry mouth and throat, indigestion, abdominal distension, chest tightness, especially the pressure of the middle-aged are the most common.

Prevention of gray hair, to do a few points

However, in this case, we do not have to worry, as long as symptomatic conditioning, gray hair can be re black.

First of all, to maintain the spirit of optimism, to avoid too strong mental stimulation, because optimistic and open-minded mood is essential to prevent early white hair.

Secondly, a reasonable diet and hair health are closely related. Usually should eat fresh vegetables, eating light and diverse, overcome unhealthy eating habit, the nutrient balance in the body, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect of anti white hair. Usually can also eat some nourishing foods, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, fungus, etc., help hair growth. Began to appear in gray hair signs, can eat kidney medicine, such as system Shouwu flush actingteadrinkable.

Again, massage the scalp can promote blood circulation, improve the nutritional supply of the head. Can comb or fingers with the palm of your hand, rub the hair, 1 times a day sooner or later, every 1 - 2 minutes.

Finally, Zhang Cang said: "long hair in most cases is a natural phenomenon, do not worry too much, but at present there is no specific medicine for the treatment of white hair, so do not believe the so-called magic hair drug market, or eat bad body The loss outweighs the gain.."


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