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Eight errors in chronic kidney disease prevention and control

2017-02-15 09:44

Patients with chronic kidney disease is not likely to occur in the early stage of edema, hematuria in half, but there are some patients with edema, hematuria is a sex, even if there is edema, hematuria, often a few days or even a week to disappear. Some patients rarely on a regular basis, or in the test report found that the index of kidney function is just a little higher than the upper limit, but not enough attention, that is not so high a little bit". Chronic kidney disease in the diagnosis and treatment of the prevalence of errors, these errors lead to patients and their families dialysis, not active treatment, the early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease is very unfavorable. Professor Wei Lianbo for the prevention of errors in the typical prescription.

A misunderstanding: nocturia nothing

The eyelid edema, hematuria, urine color deepened, urinary foam increase, hypertension, increased frequency of urination, nocturnal night legs cramp these early symptoms of chronic kidney disease, urine at night or increasing the number of renal tubular reabsorption function decline.

Myth two: kidney stones of 3 mm is not what

More than 2 mm of kidney stones can be found by B-ultrasound, despite normal GFR, but the renal injury, belongs to CKD type 1, cannot let down.

Misunderstanding three: urine protein a plus not what the big deal

Urine protein a plus said urine protein in 0.2g ~ 1.0g/L, the positive results of continuing especially plus more may suffer from acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, renal tuberculosis, renal tumors, and attention should be further examination or review.

Myth four: blood creatinine 150 does not matter

The most common indicator of renal function testing in the country is "blood creatinine", the common target range is 44-133umol/L, 150 of patients thought it was a little higher, they do not know the risk. When we found the blood treatment renal function is abnormal, even when some abnormal renal function loss, in fact, has been less than 50%, that is to say two is equivalent to a kidney necrosis.

Myth five: eat diuretics, uric acid drugs nothing

A variety of predisposing factors of chronic kidney disease is diverse, but the clinical evidence of people under the kidney disease incidence rate is higher than other people: if kidney function examination showed that the serum creatinine is more than 1503umol/L, you must be careful of diuretics, uric acid and other drugs, patients in addition, long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics) also prone to kidney disease.

Myth six: kidney patients have nothing to do with a cold

In our daily admissions of patients, there is a kind of chronic kidney disease called IgA nephropathy, most patients after interrogation said there was "a cold in a very short period of time before the onset of the" (professional called upper respiratory infection), medical research has proved that this is a common cold "small disease" there is a huge risk induced nephropathy in patients with nephropathy, afraid of the cold.

Misunderstanding seven: the kidney is not good, not what to eat fruit

The kidney is not good to less salt, low protein diet, that we know everything, but some patients with nephropathy eat fruit causing deterioration or recurrence, therefore, nephritis patients is best to eat carambola, in addition, southern people "tiger soup, seafood and beer" diet, resulting in the emergence of hyperuricemia in southern region, namely "gout" the proportion is higher than other regions, renal failure, gouty nephropathy induced by the very high, pay attention to a balanced diet.

Myth eight: edema, urine protein, kidney disease

A lot of patients after a period of time, the doctor found that edema disappeared, urine protein is normal, so no longer accept treatment, which is wrong. In clinical medicine, proteinuria, normal clinical symptoms of disease known as complete remission, only in this state for 2 years no recurrence, can be called a cure, but also on the CKD early and continuing treatment is an effective method for the prevention of renal failure, a good way of life, to continue to maintain regular physical examination.


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