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Hereditary nephropathy can be cured, comprehensive treatment

2017-05-10 19:17

Hereditary kidney disease can be cured? Nephropathy refers to kidney disease, and the disease can cause very serious consequences, such as body edema, including limbs and body parts, can also cause serious blood pressure rising, causing symptoms of adverse reactions, the patient's life and work will have a great impact in this regard, suggestions of disease, to active treatment.

Hereditary nephropathy is likely to be cured, patients need combined treatment of TCM and Western medicine treatment, can consider to use also is feasible, but need to see the actual situation of patients is how, not blindly increase the dosage or other methods to follow the doctor's advice. In addition, patients should always pay attention to the nutritional balance of the diet, you can eat some foods such as high fiber, high vitamin, low fat and low sugar and other high-quality protein foods. Be sure to pay attention to the comprehensive nutrition intake, to prevent the partial eclipse.

Hereditary nephropathy

Western medicine treatment of hereditary nephropathy is also an effective method, and the treatment for the expansion of the kidney is helpful, but also can reduce high blood pressure and other symptoms, but the side effects, recommended in patients with western medicine, can't overdose. In addition to western medicine treatment, advise patients to treatment with anti-inflammatory, relieving inflammation through to repair skin tissue organs, can successfully block the renal fibrosis, there is a good effect on patients' disease.

Hereditary nephropathy is possible to cure, but at the time of treatment, suggested that patients with comprehensive treatment, can play the prevention and treatment of the combination of the head, and daily life should strengthen physical exercise, regular check with the doctor, can let the local get some effective prevention.

Finally, although the hereditary kidney disease can be cured, but specific treatment or should consider the use of the above method of treatment, and this method is applied to daily life, and the need to reduce the number of stimulating food intake, eat some light food, and should pay attention to add some protein, is can let the patient get better recovery.


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