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Treatment of hereditary kidney disease

2017-05-17 18:20
Hereditary nephropathy refers to, is caused by gene mutation, according to a group of kidney disease Mendel's offspring, including hereditary polycystic kidney disease, such as autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease; hereditary glomerular disease; hereditary renal tubular disease; genetic and metabolic disease.
In the past, there was insufficient understanding of hereditary nephropathy and low rate of detection. With the progress of modern molecular biology techniques, the detection of hereditary nephropathy, the study of pathogenesis and the level of diagnostic techniques have been greatly improved, all of which have provided favorable conditions for the early treatment of hereditary nephropathy.
Treatment of hereditary kidney disease
The use of traditional western medicine in the treatment of hereditary kidney disease can only play the role of "curing disease" without referring to medical treatment. The reduction or regression of symptoms does not mean the recovery or improvement of renal function. The process of renal fibrosis does not stop because of the decline of symptoms. The regression of symptoms often leads to the appearance of a weakened condition, which allows people to relax their attention to illness. As we all know, the treatment is not complete, repeated attacks or mistreatment, mistreatment, the disease can not be effectively controlled, and ultimately lead to uremia. When people laugh for symptoms, the kidneys are in a gradual process of fibrosis. Thus, "how to prevent renal fibrosis" is a problem to be solved.
Micro permeability of Chinese medicine, dual kidney infiltration, in the current clinical treatment showed that the treatment of disease, long use of the unique pharmacological characteristics of treatment. It will be the traditional Chinese medicine prescription by high-tech micro processing enhances the activity of drugs, the use of microwave directly through the skin into kidney lesions, into the lesion through the blood circulation, can inhibit the immune response in the treatment of extensive renal abnormalities of different pathological damage, chronic kidney disease of all kinds, and can lead to chronic renal fibrosis lasting block the reason. It can pass: the first step: activating blood circulation and dredging collaterals. Effective drugs can improve the oxygen supply, microcirculation, and decrease the glomerular pressure in the kidney. The second step: remove silt and clear away. Removal of renal lesion tissue and immune complex. The third step is to repair the new kidney, activate the damaged kidney unit, and repair and reconstruct it, thus fundamentally blocking the process of renal fibrosis, protecting the kidney function and reaching the purpose of curing the disease.
Experts suggest that, regardless of hereditary kidney disease or other types of kidney disease, adhere to early treatment, to prevent kidney damage, protect the kidney function is the key to treatment.

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