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What symptoms does nephrotic syndrome recur?

2017-08-02 17:26

Although nephrotic syndrome can achieve a certain degree of rehabilitation through active treatment, it is usually possible to relapse if it is not noticed at ordinary times. If the nephrotic syndrome recur, then some of the symptoms of the past will slowly begin to appear. Some basic manifestations, such as proteinuria or hypoproteinemia, and edema, may follow, and the possibility that hyperlipidemia may occur again. After the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome, the body has gradually become a regular metabolic function, there will be further disorder.

The patient often shows albuminuria phenomenon, this also is this kind of disease most typical a kind of phenomenon. The amount of protein in the urine of the patient is often greater than 3.5 grams per day, mainly because nephrotic syndrome results in dysfunction of the glomerular filtration membrane in the patient.

Hypoproteinemia phenomenon will slowly begin to show, this time the patients' plasma albumin content will be less than 30 grams per litre, this is mainly because of the large number of protein components with urine protein content after plasma reduction of hypoproteinemia caused.

The patient's body will appear edema symptom, this is mainly because the nephrotic syndrome causes hypoproteinemia, makes plasma osmotic pressure decreased, and the blood of water will seep into the gap of vascular cavity, resulting from the appearance can be found on the skin of patients with edema.

Note: nephrotic syndrome can cause hyperlipidemia, but it is not clear why this phenomenon is present. In addition, the disease has recurred, often patients feel tired and weak, and mental weakness, appetite will be seriously reduced. Therefore, in order to avoid the recurrence of disease, in daily life, we must take more precautions, and follow the doctor's arrangements.

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