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What are the significant signs of nephrotic syndrome quizlet

2017-08-02 17:29

The majority of children with nephrotic syndrome due to early symptoms do not know, so the disease when found already at end stage, we understand the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children, according to contribute to the symptoms of children with nephrotic syndrome in children with nephrotic syndrome disease control! It is helpful for better prevention and treatment, early detection of complications, early treatment, elimination of disease, and avoidance of renal failure!

Nephrotic syndrome has important symptoms in children:

1, hypothyroidism: patients showed low metabolic state, reduce oxygen consumption may be associated with systemic edema and skin blood flow reduction, reduction of plasma protein bound iodine, urine protein bound iodine increased, for patients with large dose of thyroxine does not occur in high metabolic state, thyroid iodine uptake rate of normal or increased, indicating an increase of three iodine and thyroid hormone from the urinary excretion of tyrosine, resulting in the reduction in plasma concentration, so the patient showed a low metabolic state.

2, hypocalcemia: due to vitamin D binding protein loss in the urine, plasma concentration decreased, induced intestinal calcium absorption barrier and bone destruction response to parathyroid hormone, patients with hypocalcemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism, cause osteomalacia and cystic fibrous bone inflammation, low serum calcium and serum albumin decreased phase equilibrium. The severe hypoalbuminemia may have metabolic alkalosis.

3, iron deficiency anemia: due to the continuing from the urinary excretion of transferrin, patients with iron deficiency anemia, this low pigment small cell anemia often of iron treatment is invalid.

The above is the introduction of the important symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children, the treatment of nephrosis must be timely, otherwise it is likely to change into uremia during the compensatory period of renal insufficiency. When we find ourselves suffering from the disease, we must find a regular hospital treatment, do not do not mind, and beware of their own regret.

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