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Does nephritic syndrome have a fever?

2017-08-12 19:19

Had nephrotic syndrome is a bad disease, this disease is not good treatment, but also easy to attack repeatedly, there will be a relatively long bad influence on patients, patients need positive symptomatic treatment, this will be conducive to disease recovery, then, nephrotic syndrome will do not have a fever?

Nephrotic syndrome patients with fever, to be alert to the possibility of upper respiratory tract infection, should be combined with clinical examination and actively seek medical treatment for appropriate diagnosis, timely symptomatic treatment drugs, and appropriate physical cooling, heating temperature control, when at the age of 38.5, can use or use antipyretic plaster, local cold compress to cool that will have a good effect, must avoid to catch a cold, especially the need to change clothes in time, avoid repeated cold situation better.

Drug treatment should avoid drugs that have the effects on renal function, patients usually need more rest, avoid always stay up late to work overtime, patients need to have a reasonable time to rest, not excessive toil, daily life also need to have a reasonable diet nutrition collocation, it is important to keep warm if patients have a fever over 38 degrees, it can use the Bufferin or Bupleurum fever, preferred penicillin or cephalosporin anti-inflammatory better, can not use other antibiotics, or have some bad effects on the kidneys.

The patients have a fever situation, is the main and immunocompromised relationship, need to take some exercise appropriate way to improve immunity, to avoid cold always ill, usually out of the house also need to avoid cold cold, because kidney patients body will be relatively weak, also need to eat some nutrition, can in vegetables, fruits, rice, eggs, milk and other foods, can also be appropriate to eat fish, but avoid eating egg in have a fever time, lest cause serious illness.

Finally, the nephrotic syndrome patients have a fever when you need more rest, the living environment also need to maintain good air ventilation window will be good, have a good attitude is more important, can not always anxiety, need to maintain good mood, avoid overeating.

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