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6 signals in early stage of renal disease

2017-11-12 14:57

More than 10 people in every 100 people in China suffer from chronic kidney disease, but only 12 of the 100 patients know that they are ill, and some chronic kidney disease will develop and eventually become uremia. Pay attention to the early signals of the body when you focus on kidney disease. These signals include:

6 signals in early stage of renal disease

1, foam urine increased, bubble produced by urine protein, such as the detection of positive urine protein is a sign of kidney disease.

2, hypertensive patients, especially patients with poor long-term control of blood pressure.

3, the increase in the number of nocturia is also a sign of kidney disease, if you urinate more than 3 times a night, we should pay attention to.

4, eyelids and lower limbs often edema, which may be the early manifestation of nephritis.

5, high blood pressure, high pressure over 140mmHg, low pressure more than 90mmHg.

6, in addition, frequent micturition, urgency and dysuria are early signs of chronic kidney disease.

If the above symptoms can be detected by urine routine, urine protein (or albumin) quantitative, serum creatinine and renal ultrasound examination. Kidney disease high-risk groups must regular physical examination, there are some units of physical examination did not take routine urine test as a routine project, ignoring the risk of kidney disease, doctors recommend regular urine routine examination.


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