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What are the symptoms of kidney failure

2017-01-24 16:12

Sometimes the body a little discomfort will be ignored. We thought it was a little bit sick, but I do not know very is perhaps the renal failure, because in the early stage of renal failure, there is no obvious performance, so very easy to overlook, and the patient showed his suffering from kidney failure, the majority is to go to the hospital check the discomfort or kidney failure.
Symptoms are very serious, then what are the hidden manifestations of renal failure? The following by my site under the kidney hospital doctors for everyone to explain in detail.
First, low blood sugar. Now there are a lot of people due to poor diet, showing nutrition is not good, then the kidneys cannot effectively inactivated in vivo insulin, diabetic patients have had high blood sugar showed hypoglycemic performance.
Second, nosebleeds. The performance of ordinary people thought it was lit like minor illnesses but renal failure, blood coagulation function resulting in loss, can also cause patients often flow nosebleed.
Third, anemia. Kidney failure can lead to the reduction of erythropoietin in the patient's body, the patient will have anemia and other symptoms.
Fourth, uremia creatinine high encephalopathy. Patients with renal failure, renal function can not be missing because the body of toxins out of time, resulting in the damage of central nervous system, causing hallucinations, convulsions, epilepsy, manifestations of aphasia.
Fifth, male patients showed abnormal hormones. The kidneys cannot eliminate female hormone in patients with renal failure, many patients will show male breast enlargement "hair becomes less female performance.
Sixth, fracture. Renal failure results in the production and maintenance of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of active vitamin D3 reduced, the patient is easy to fracture.
The above is the hidden manifestation of renal failure related to explain, for patients with renal failure, seize the time to go to a regular hospital for treatment is very necessary. My website is affiliated with the kidney disease hospital is the use of traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy + six immunotherapy, can effectively cure the kidney, will not produce any side effects.
Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immunotherapy is the treatment of various light and oxygen in the blood cells induced by cytokines and metabolites, and then after autologous blood transfusion to light and oxygen effect of the patient's own, triggering a series of human immune response, activation of human neutrophil granulocytes, enhanced swallow
In order to remove phagocytic function, renal immune complex deposition, capillary capillary and renal clearance of blood coagulation, the degeneration, edema, hyperplasia, damage, necrosis of the glomerulus, renal tubules, renal interstitial recovery. Finally, the immune complex and live kidney can be eliminated, and the renal oxygen supply can be improved
To achieve the synchronization of healing and maintenance.

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