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What are the three stages of renal failure?

2017-01-24 16:11

Renal failure with different stages, each stage of the symptoms, treatment methods are not the same, and the corresponding processing methods are not the same, so for the patient and family, understanding of renal failure stage is key, because it can do a reasonable adjustment measures to help cure disease the. Then kidney failure
What are the three stages of the disease? The following by my site under the kidney hospital doctors for everyone to explain in detail.
1, the initial period
Patients with this disease often suffer from known causes of ATN, such as hypotension, ischemia, sepsis, and nephrotoxicity. However, there is no obvious impairment of renal parenchyma. Acute renal failure is preventable at this stage. But accompanied by renal tubular epithelial was damaged, GFR suddenly reduced, acute renal failure syndrome clinical manifestation becomes
Obviously, the maintenance period.
2, maintenance period
Less urine period. Typical for 7-14 days, but can be as short as a few days, up to 4-6 weeks. Glomerular rate remained low. Many patients may show oliguria (<40Oml/d). However, some patients may have no urine, urine volume of 400ml/d or more, known as non oliguria acute renal failure, the majority of the disease is mild, the prognosis is better. However,
Whether or not the urine volume is reduced, accompanied by a decline in renal function, clinical manifestations of a series of high performance of uremia creatinine.
3, recovery period
Renal tubular cell regeneration, recovery, recovery of renal tubular integrity. Glomerular filtration rate (detoxification) gradually returned to normal or near normal range. Oliguria patients initially showed diuresis, may have more urine performance, daily urine volume up to 3000-5000ml, or more. Usually lasts 1-3 weeks and then returns to normal. And glomerular filtration rate.
Compared to the recovery of glomerular epithelial cell function (solute and water reabsorption), the recovery is relatively slow and often takes several months to recover.
The above is the renal failure stage related to explain, for patients with renal failure, seize the time to go to the regular hospital for treatment is very necessary. My website is affiliated with the kidney disease hospital is the use of traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy + six immunotherapy, can effectively cure the kidney, will not produce any side effects.

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