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What is the TCM treatment of refractory nephrotic syndrome?

2017-01-24 11:09

What is the TCM treatment of refractory nephrotic syndrome? Listen to a kidney specialist.
Nephrotic syndrome (NS) may be caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, manifested as proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, hyperlipidemia is a clinical syndrome.
The experience of TCM in treating refractory nephrotic syndrome
Refractory nephrotic syndrome is very common in clinical practice, patients with course of disease, is one of the difficult problems in the Department of nephrology. Through long-term clinical practice, the author realized that, the active use of Chinese medicine treatment, to alleviate the condition, improve the curative effect of great benefit, I will experience as follows.
The understanding of TCM disease names, etiology and pathogenesis
Understanding of TCM diseases and pathogenesis of refractory nephrotic syndrome, mainly from the outstanding performance of its clinical proteinuria and edema of hands, ancient Chinese literature and the "water" skin disease "in water", "water" and "deficiency" of the disease and refractory nephrotic syndrome the clinical manifestations are very similar. "Jingui yaolue moisture" disease?:"...... The skin water and its pulse also float, external card I swollen, according to the no, not evil wind, its abdomen as drum,...... Is the pulse of the water is sinking, the external evidence from asthma". Skin water mainly refers to limb edema, can be accompanied by ascites; water is more water for skin, due to ascites dampness, influence lung, lung failure in descending and inverse for asthma. The name of "virtual damage" is seen in the rear of the elbow and the book of Jing Yue, which mainly refers to the deficiency of Zang Fu organs, deficiency of Qi and Yin deficiency. Proteinuria is the leakage of body foodstuff material, based on the "q?" "evaluation through the actual situation theory essence asthenia" knowledge, proteinuria refractory nephrotic syndrome can be attributed to the "deficiency" disease category.
Etiology and spleen renin deficiency, overwork injury, evils lingering is closely related. The main position of refractory nephrotic syndrome should be to grasp the spleen and kidney two dirty. If the spleen deficiency, the Secretary of the Department of water loss, moisture retention. In turn, the water wet and easy to block the spleen soil, traditional Chinese medicine known as the spleen is wet, wet trapped spleen soil, so vicious circle, water wet difficult to get rid of. If the kidney, kidney yang deficiency, the main water right, closed that adverse, oliguria and edema. At the same time in the water stop, should also pay attention to water, gas, blood disorders of the three. The water can stop the lung and spleen qi stagnation caused by the. Water and blood disease can lead to blood stasis, such as women with menstrual block, renal vein thrombosis and coagulation disorder. A large number of proteinuria syndrome of refractory nephrotic syndrome is in the majority, and the deficiency of spleen and kidney is the focus of pathogenesis. If the kidney stores the essence of dereliction of duty, resulting in loss of nutrient substance from urine
Treatment ideas and procedures
Refractory nephrotic syndrome due to age, body, pathological type, predisposing factors, course of disease, complications are not the same, so the patient's clinical manifestations are complex. From the point of view of the choice of treatment means, how to use the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in order to play a better effect?
1, in the west, the first in the West: This is the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of the choice of the two procedures. "Can not be" refers to the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the effect of the case, do not add western medicine. The author found that there are some cases of refractory nephrotic syndrome, pure use of traditional Chinese medicine to obtain complete remission, has not been recurrence, indicating that Chinese medicine treatment has certain potential. On the other hand, if you start on traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine, take effect when it is unable to determine the effect of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, effect, or synergistic effect of the two. It is useless for a discussion on TCM treatment and effective prescriptions.
First in the West refers to the first treatment with traditional Chinese medicine for a period of time, the effect is not obvious, you need to add western medicine, such as the expansion of diuretic, hormones, etc.. Whether it is the hormone dependent or present showed resistance cases, there will be some side effects of hormone. Therefore, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, on the one hand, can improve the efficacy of synergy, on the other hand can be successfully removed hormone, and reduce the side effects of hormones.
2, the first treatment of edema, after the treatment of proteinuria: refractory nephrotic syndrome edema is a type of nephrotic edema, mainly because of a large number of proteinuria, resulting in hypoalbuminemia, following the plasma colloid osmotic pressure caused by. The acute symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine, slow the cure "principle, in view of the edema performance more prominent, it should first treat edema, after treatment of proteinuria.
3 stages of treatment: refractory nephrotic syndrome patients with edema and proteinuria coexist, through a lot of hormone use after patients have different degrees of side effects, but when homone, one is dependent, two is the body will appear some symptoms of discomfort. The author thinks, should seize every patient in the course of the disease in different stages of contradictions prominent clinical syndrome differentiation and treatment, such as edema, proteinuria prominent stage duration, large quantity of hormone use stage, hormone withdrawal stage, the key of TCM is different. Although the above situation can not be completely separated, but there must be a focus, so targeted treatment, but also reflects the integrity of the whole process of treatment.
Treatment experience
Based on the thinking and procedure of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of refractory nephrotic syndrome.
Edema stage
When the refractory nephrotic syndrome edema after expansion of diuresis treatment fails, should be actively used in TCM syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal edema strengths is to adjust the recovery of the function of the organs, and coordinating the relationship between water and gas, the blood of the three, that the importance of self regulating ability of body fluid metabolism so, the swelling is not repeated, and no

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