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The effect of the treatment of primary kidney with tradition

2017-01-24 11:15

The effect of the treatment of primary kidney with traditional Chinese medicine is significant.
Primary renal complex, why is the treatment of Chinese medicine easy to show it? There is an instance of the following.
From Sichuan small pan was industrious, 25 years of marriage, the family happy, happy life, but this happiness is the kidney synthesis process as anxious to break, to restore calm.
Just 2 months ago, a small pan of unknown causes of lower limb edema, finally to systemic edema, seeing himself more and more "fat", finally actually cannot lie, pan to the local county hospital for examination, found himself got kidney disease, urinary protein 3+, occult blood 2+, oral Chinese medicine later County Hospital the swelling down, Xiao pan thinks he is good, the drug stopped, the result of people "hate" edema again.
But the small pan to the city hospital, city hospital test results so that small pan for their disease began to fear, he began to understand that the "root" is not so easy to "dump", then pan online access to information, to understand the characteristics of Chinese medicine Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, with a bit of confidence against the disease only, a small pan in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital kidney in eight families.
The doctor in charge of the pen is Dr. Zhao Yaning, Chinese medicine expert Dr. Zhao immediately apply for our hospital for consultation, the Chinese team of experts also agreed that the primary task of the moment is to eliminate the patients with edema, reduce complications. After the patient, according to the situation, to fight edema, identify the actual situation, the Yin and Yang after the prescription, the treatment of the beginning of the pan".
One of the four treatment in our hospital is unique, he said before treatment in other hospitals did not see the therapy, really amazing! After nearly 2 weeks, the small pan edema has disappeared, protein has been from the 12.97g/24h to the 3.57g/24h.
Pan said he was very grateful to the original choice, a correct choice of his own, changed his life, I hope more patients with kidney disease can see their deeds, do not miss the best treatment opportunity.
After reading the above Pan's experience, is not the feeling of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of primary kidney comprehensive effect is good?

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