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How can we prevent the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome in c

2017-01-24 11:33

How can we prevent the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome in children? Kidney experts for you to sum up the following four points.
Whether it is for the patients themselves or their parents, the cure of nephrotic syndrome is a good thing, but also do a good job of prevention, so as to avoid recurrence of kidney disease.
Why does nephrotic syndrome often recur?
For children with nephrotic syndrome, there are two major problems, one is steroid resistance, and the other is the recurrence of kidney disease in two. Nephrotic syndrome is easy to relapse, clinically I often tell my parents said, don't want to spend much energy and money cost, can let the child never relapse, we can do is try our best to let him later recurrence, of course long time no recurrence may not recur.
The results showed that the recurrence rate of children with primary nephrotic syndrome was about 75%, and that of children with recurrent and recurrent frequency accounted for 30%~50%. The so-called frequency recurrence refers to the disease within six months after the recurrence of two or more than two times a year recurrence of more than three times or more. This problem is not only troubled parents, the clinical doctor is also a problem, the treatment is more difficult than hormone resistance. Because of hormone resistance can also use other immunosuppressive therapy for recurrence of nephrotic syndrome, there is no a treatment plan can ensure no recurrence after cure, so take what measures to prevent the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome.
How to prevent the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome?
Cause the relapse of nephrotic syndrome is the most important reason of infection, especially when the change of autumn and winter season, is the season of high incidence of infection, the recurrence probability is higher. Secondly, strenuous exercise and fatigue, these two aspects will reduce the resistance of children, immune system disorders, may lead to recurrence of nephrotic syndrome. For example, running, jumping, examination, travel, etc., life and environmental changes will make the child feel tired, easy to relapse.
In addition, some children with allergies are also prone to relapse, such as being bitten by a mosquito or contact with allergens, may cause a recurrence of the disease. Therefore, there must be a reason for recurrence, careful attention to parents, regular review is very important. If you find a clear cause of recurrence, we should try to avoid, reduce the chance of recurrence.
Nephrotic syndrome in children taking hormone should pay attention to what problems?
In the application of hormones need to remind parents of the following points:
Diet: hormone will let children eat more, is likely to cause obesity and excessive intake of salt, prone to high blood pressure, water intake too much easy to aggravate edema. So in terms of food should pay special attention to choose low fat foods to prevent hyperlipidemia, the choice of quality of low-fat protein, such as beef, egg white, lean pork, chicken and fish, vegetable protein as animal protein, such as soy products, but can not eat. It should be noted that nephrotic syndrome in children with increased amounts of protein in the urine, the amount of protein in the blood to reduce, many parents try to eat a lot of protein to supplement is not desirable. Excessive intake of protein can lead to further deterioration of proteinuria, increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney damage.
Salt intake should be controlled. Under normal circumstances, children eat about 4~5 grams of salt a day, nephrotic syndrome in children with high blood pressure, especially if there is swelling, the amount of salt to eat every day to control at 2~3 grams. In addition, should eat more vegetables and fruit. But the fruit sugar content is relatively high, a large number of intake may cause excessive sugar into fat accumulation in the body. So we should eat some low sugar fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, good white gourd, Chinese cabbage, eat some fiber rich foods digest more slowly, can relieve the children's hunger.
Exercise: acute stage to limit the amount of activity in children, but do not advocate lying in bed all day, because it will increase the risk of venous thrombosis. At this point, the general walking is no problem. After the relief of symptoms, especially for more than three or four months, you can carry out outdoor sports, and proper walking is good for the body and mood. School children can go back to school, but can not participate in strenuous exercise, gymnastics, swimming is generally possible, but it is not recommended to run. Because the child has a hormone, may have osteoporosis or weight gain, jumping may have adverse effects on joints and bones.
Many parents often say that my children are small, basically do not go out, there is no amount of exercise, how to relapse. In fact, you will find them, the child is not out, but at home to jump, the amount of exercise is not small. How to grasp the child's exercise? Parents can observe the child, he was a little sweat after the event, or measure the child's heart rate, before and after the exercise increased by about twenty or thirty, the amount of exercise is more appropriate.
Life: the appropriate clothes according to seasonal changes, the state of motion, to avoid the cold. Some parents not to give the child a bath for fear of cold, in fact, is the normal bath. However, attention should be paid to the girl's hair long, dry after a bath is relatively slow, it is recommended to wear a small hat, so that the hair dry naturally. Because the hair, scalp pores are open, if the wind will increase the chance of a cold.
Review: review is very important, not only to assess the condition, but also to monitor adverse drug reactions. Many parents afraid to go to the hospital to make the child repeated illness fatigued by a long journey, and so will not go to check, wait until the appearance of proteinuria to go to see the doctor, this is wrong. Check in fact also

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