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How to care the Nephrotic syndrome

2017-01-12 17:59

A large number of proteins in the urine of children with nephrotic syndrome are easy to suffer from hypoproteinemia, and a reasonable diet can protect or improve renal function, which plays an important role in the recovery of the disease and the improvement of the quality of life. Therefore, according to the condition of children with dietary guidance.(1) control protein intake, promote the normal amount of high quality protein intake.(2) control of sodium intake, given a low salt diet, otherwise it will further aggravate the retention of sodium caused kidney damage, salt is generally 1-2g/d;(3) children with obvious edema to limit the amount of water intake, according to the weight and 24h urine volume changes to adjust the amount of water and record the amount of 24h, when using diuretics should pay attention to potassium supplement, guide children to eat green leafy vegetables, carrots, etc.. Rest and activity to ensure adequate rest, because the rest can reduce the metabolic rate, reduce protein catabolism, thereby reducing nitrogen retention. In addition to the need for absolute bed children, the rest of the day should be timed to do minor activities to ensure the normal daily life, and to prevent blood protein suppository favorable.Nephrotic syndrome is a kind of disease which is more harmful. In addition to the treatment of disease, but also do a good job of daily care, which is helpful for patients. In the article we introduce some of the relevant knowledge of nursing, I believe we are more clear, I hope we introduce these knowledge to help you.


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