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What is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome?

2017-01-25 16:17

Our treatment is western medicine protection, treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, has formed a strong Chinese medicine treatment, western medicine for the protection of the treatment system. The key to the treatment of kidney syndrome is replenishing and dredging collaterals. To this end, also known as to stagnation, meridian therapy. Our specific treatment, or clinical treatment, can be summarized as "four plus seven therapies".

The four “one”, we call it "a bottle, a dose, a pair, a basin". Seven refers to the seven kinds of therapy fumigation therapy. The medicated bath therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy. The fragrance of moxibustion therapy. The herbal Reyanbao topical therapy. The foot therapy. The traditional Chinese medicine enema therapy. As long as the effective method of medicine or to remove toxic and harmful substances in the blood of patients, so that patients can clean blood, protect the circulating blood is normal, kidney synthesis could certainly be lessened or recovered.


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