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Can stem cell transplantation treat lupus nephritis?

2017-05-16 15:50

Stem cell transplantation for the treatment of lupus nephritis, lupus nephritis such harmful diseases, today has many methods to treat the patients, but also do not know what the most effective treatment methods, recently heard a treatment called stem cell transplantation, also do not know how to, then we'll introduce. Stem cell transplantation can treat lupus nephritis, this treatment method in use today is more, but not all patients are suitable for this treatment method in the treatment of lupus nephritis has today, there is a kind of treatment method for patients with the disease can be cured, but after treatment, patients should pay attention to the daily care.

lupus nephritis

1: the psychological nursing of patients with lupus nephritis in got the disease, due to the influence of erythema will affect the appearance of patients, and in addition, hormone therapy because of the patient's posture, appearance change, function of barren and serious loss of part of the patients, the patients with depression, thought burden, lose confidence in life, to treatment. The family should talk to the patient, let the patient feel the warmth of the society and the love of the people around him, increase the confidence of the treatment, and show that the drug reaction is reversible. 2, diet nursing care of patients with lupus erythema: in addition to maintain a good state of mind, of course, should also pay attention to the daily diet, should be in high calorie, high vitamin, low salt diet, in addition to renal dysfunction can give a high protein diet, there are conditions for long-term use of milk, especially colostrum, colostrum containing large antibody can increase the immunity of the body. 3, general care: outdoor activities, in order not to allow patients to be affected by ultraviolet radiation, the patient is best to wear long sleeved underwear, wearing a wide brimmed hat, to reduce sunlight, so as not to aggravate skin lesions. Curtains should be in the room. Do oral care, for the fingers, toes, nose, earlobe and other parts of small arteritis with Raynaud phenomenon, should pay attention to keep warm, so as to avoid limb frostbite and necrosis. 4, prevention of colds and infections in got lupus nephritis, patients must pay attention to the prevention of infection in the nursing home, to prevent colds, pay attention to keep warm; if a cold, should follow the doctor's advice, to take the cold medicine and renal toxicity, such as Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, isatic root granule etc.. Rehabilitation nursing of 6 patients with lupus nephritis, lupus nephritis patients to have enough sleep, to relieve fatigue, also can participate in various activities, appropriate housework and abundant recreational activities, farmers can light physical labor. The above is to introduce stem cell transplantation for the treatment of lupus nephritis, everybody should know the disease should be how to do, in the face of lupus nephritis patients with this disease, don't worry too much, must be calm, active treatment, and should also pay attention to the daily care.

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