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How long does uremia fit once?

2017-05-25 17:05

How long a uremic dialysis? What method can treat uremia? Everybody to understand these? Now the medical conditions, method of treatment of uremia is preferable to dialysis, so how long a dialysis uremia is reasonable? Here are some related information, I hope to help you.

How often does uremia dialysis? It's much more complicated for chronic kidney failure patients who have just entered the dialysis phase. The initial dialysis interval may be longer, and some patients may be 2 weeks at a time. With the gradual loss of renal function, dialysis gradually frequent, dialysis time interval gradually closer, most of the latter patients need 2 days dialysis once, in order to maintain normal life needs.

Uremia treatment

How long a uremic dialysis? No matter how many days of dialysis time, does not recommend the dialysis treatment alone can timely discharge toxins in the patients, decrease the creatinine and urea nitrogen, but cannot restore kidney function, dialysis time interval is through blood biochemical examination, molecular in vivo toxin index is increased. Uremia patients in principle should do four times a month hemofiltration, so that it can protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. However, because the blood filtration is not included in the scope of medical insurance, so the higher costs.

How long dialysis on uremia, experts, in fact, usually do 1-2 times a month hemofiltration, but also to protect the role of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. As for hemodialysis, it is recommended 2-4 times a month, of course, the actual situation depends on the patient's condition at that time.

The above is about how long dialysis uremia, an inferior problem and treatment methods related content, I hope we can help. Suggest that we still go to regular hospital, according to the doctor's guidance, in the choice of their own methods of treatment. If you want to know more, you can consult an expert online or leave a phone number below, and the experts will give you a detailed answer.

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