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How is acute pyelonephritis checked?

2017-05-25 17:44

Acute pyelonephritis examination is helpful to diagnosis of nephritis, acute pyelonephritis in the end how to check? Many people in this area is not very understanding, if there is no correct examination method, can easily lead to nephritis misdiagnosed, so as to have a great loss of nephropathy.

How acute pyelonephritis examination is more rigorous, kidney treatment cost more, need to have a correct attitude for diagnostic examination, responsible for the patient.

The cost of acute pyelonephritis

The main items of acute pyelonephritis examination are:

Urine cell count: the urine cell count is also the acute pyelonephritis examination item, must do. 1 hours, leucocyte discharge rate is much, show positive result.

Renal function tests: acute pyelonephritis due to renal dysfunction such as concentration, nocturia, therefore, renal function tests of acute pyelonephritis is also need to do inspections.

A more general examination is routine urinalysis. Is one of the most basic examination items in acute pyelonephritis, through the urine routine examination, can be found in urine of patients with acute pyelonephritis can appear turbid soup; urinary sediment can determine whether there is also available through pyuria; urine routine examination to determine the blood and urine of patients with pyelonephritis; urinary protein in patients with pyelonephritis for more than a few if it is, proteinuria often associated with other kidney disease may prompt.

The above is about acute pyelonephritis how to check the introduction, we all clear it, I hope the patient friend can understand his condition, as soon as possible rehabilitation treatment

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