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Why are women susceptible to lupus nephritis?

2017-05-25 17:55

Clinically, we often find some women with lupus nephritis. Why are women susceptible to this disease? This is a problem many people can't think of. After the disease, people work and life will be affected, understand the cause of the disease, people will be better prevention, the following to see what causes lupus nephropathy?

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease involving multiple systems and multiple organs, almost all with renal damage. It is called lupus nephritis. The clinical symptoms of the disease are varied and individual differences are great. When the following manifestations occur, we should be vigilant and see the doctor as soon as possible. Including: malar rash, facial swelling discoid, photosensitivity, oral ulcers, arthritis, serositis (such as pleurisy or pericarditis), kidney disease (proteinuria, hematuria, cell tube type), or psychiatric symptoms, seizures, anemia or white blood cell, platelet reduction, erythrocyte sedimentation rate increased soon, some serum autoantibodies, etc..

lupus nephritis

Lupus nephritis is the most common disease in lupus, and many patients with systemic lupus erythematosus have varying degrees of renal damage. Lupus is with a variety of autoantibodies in autoimmune disease, or autoimmune disease? In some cases (such as environmental pollution, stress, trauma, infection, genetic factors and other media), abnormal T in human B lymphocytes, or some part of the body's abnormal, leading to the body's own immune system to attack its own organization, causing damage to tissue caused by disease. This disease is more common in women and may have a certain relationship with estrogen abnormalities in women.

According to the condition of kidney biopsy and pathological type, can be treated with glucocorticoid and / or immunosuppressive medications after treatment can alleviate, but easy to relapse, and there is a trend of gradually increasing, thus reducing the risk of recurrence prevention measures is very important. First, cultivate optimistic mood, establish the confidence to overcome the disease, the law of life, proper rest; secondly, to avoid exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, to avoid drug use may induce lupus activity, such as contraceptives, timely prevention of infection; finally, the disease activity to strict contraception, stable for more than two years of general safety pregnancy.

Through the introduction of the above reasons, all of women suffering from lupus nephritis should be clear, in the treatment of nephropathy in patients with nephropathy nephropathy should strengthen preventive measures, do self health care work, and actively cooperate with medical treatment, establish the confidence to overcome the disease. Recover themselves at an early date.

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