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Is nephritis serious?

2017-05-25 18:06

Experts pointed out that nephritis as long as the early detection and early treatment, will not be very serious. It is important to understand the etiology and symptoms of nephritis and to prevent and discover it in time. Acute nephritis mainly manifested as edema, oliguria, hematuria, fatigue, appetite loss, accompanied by hypertension and other symptoms. A small number of severe children may develop acute renal failure, acute heart failure and hypertensive encephalopathy. In addition, if the patient can be treated reasonably, recover within 1-2 months, and the minority recover within 6-12 months without any sequelae.


Is nephritis serious in nephritis? 

Acute nephritis is the abbreviation of acute glomerulonephritis. It is mainly caused by respiratory tract infection and streptococcal infection. Acute nephritis is a common kidney disease, the patient is mainly 3-8 year old children, because of poor immunity in children, it is easy to cause acute nephritis due to infection of cold and fever.

Most of the patients with acute nephritis can be cured after receiving regular treatment. A small number of patients were not treated well or were treated with the wrong treatment and did not take a good rest during the treatment. They were eventually transformed into chronic nephritis. Therefore, from the point of view of the cure, acute nephritis can not be said to be a very serious disease, but we can not ignore the treatment. Because of acute nephritis if not treated, can lead to kidney function decline, decreased excretion function, urine volume will be reduced, water and salt retention in the body, can also cause systemic edema, if further deterioration, may lead to the occurrence of uremia.

In addition, acute nephritis can lead to some complications, such as severe circulatory congestion, hypertensive encephalopathy and acute renal failure. But as long as the treatment, this risk will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, suffering from acute nephritis friend couldn't wait, must be hospitalized immediately, select the authority of the kidney hospital, in daily life, we should pay attention to good eating habits and lifestyle, protect your kidneys, protect your health.

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