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What are the foods that fast reduce creatinine?

2017-05-26 16:43

What about elevated creatinine? What foods can rapidly reduce creatinine? In addition to reducing creatinine, what are the effective treatments that can help us rapidly and effectively reduce creatinine?

People with kidney disease know that creatinine values are important to the human body. If the creatinine value is higher than normal, then the person's body will have varying degrees of edema symptoms. And people's creatinine value and food have a great relationship, then, those foods will affect people's creatinine value?

The first is that too much salt can lead to higher creatinine levels. Such as pickles, pickled mustard tuber, pickled vegetables and so on, in addition, our daily food should not be put too much salt, excessive salt intake will lead to poor metabolism of the kidneys. Followed by seafood, such as sea ginseng, abalone and other protein higher food, eating too much will lead to kidney burden heavier. The last is our daily consumption of red meat, especially chicken and fat meat, which is high in protein content in meat, and can also cause kidney metabolic burden and aggravate the creatinine value.

So, what foods help us to lower the creatinine? What should we pay attention to in our daily life?

First of all, the first choice should be the low protein diet in the choice of creatinine lowering diet. The harmful substance that causes kidney disease is the metabolite of protein, so it is necessary to limit protein intake. But you can not completely do not eat protein, because protein is nutrients; if not eating protein, the body will break down muscle, causing uremia, so the deployment of diet should be appropriate. Daily protein intake should be controlled at 0.8-1.0 g / kg body weight.

Low protein foods that reduce creatinine include eggs, milk, meat (lean meat). Eat two eggs per day, or one or two thin pork, or 122 crucian carp, fish, do not eat too much, it will increase the burden on the kidneys. And to two points to eat, balanced nutrition.

For people with kidney failure, sufficient heat is needed to promote the effective use of protein. Foods that are high in calories and very low in protein can be added. Foods that are high in calories and very low in protein can be added.

1. grease: salad oil, peanut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, etc.. Cook with more oil, fried, or fried, fried and other cooking methods. Cook with more oil, fried, or fried, fried and other cooking methods.

2. low protein starch: Elizabeth, corn starch, lotus root starch, Green bean noodle, vermicelli, sago, powder, low protein Rice noodles, the production of a variety of delicious snacks.

3. people with normal blood sugar can eat sugar (white sugar, rock sugar, honey, ginger sugar, fruit candy, etc.) and add heat to the food, drink or heart.

Secondly, to effectively reduce creatinine, but also to control the salt. To see if the patient has high blood pressure and edema, and if so, to control the amount of salt intake, given a low salt or salt free diet.

The last is to grasp and control the amount of water. Drinking water for the previous day, total urine volume plus 500~700 ml (ML). If the amount of urine the day before is 500ml, then 500cc + 500 (7d0) ml = 1000 ~ 1200ml, it is the amount of water you can drink in a day, including water, porridge, milk, soup and drinks.

In addition to the above mentioned on eating and drinking in the control, patients should also pay attention to daily mood, maintain a happy mood, not tired of staying up late, proper exercise, develop good habits of tobacco should be restricted, in order to better help us keep healthy.

If the creatinine is particularly high and has entered the stage of uremia, it is recommended that you be treated with the advice of your doctor. Standardized and effective diets with reduced creatinine can be just around the corner.

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