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Nephrotic syndrome daily precautions

2017-06-26 16:37
Nephrotic syndrome daily attention is easy to be ignored by the majority of patients, however, these precautions for patients with nephrotic syndrome is precisely an important adjuvant therapy. Nephrotic syndrome with a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, edema, hypertension as the main clinical features, disease progression, often repeated exacerbations. If the summer can pay attention to the following questions, or can be safe and sound. 
First, the diet section, not swallow summer fruits and vegetables and more varieties, color fragrance cute appetite, but nephrotic syndrome patients should strictly enforce the diet rules, must not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Such as watermelon can be diuretic swelling, heat refreshing, but the food is too frequent urine also increase the burden on the kidneys, and then the accumulation of watermelon sugar in the body is also a potential crisis of the disease. 
Some children with nephrotic syndrome, hi to ice cream or iced diet to quench their thirst. If occasionally, many times a small amount is not taboo, if blindly Tan Liang is no benefit to the disease. Due to cold can damage gastrointestinal function, resulting in loss of stomach and stomach, the disease is useless. If the swine caused by acute enteritis is repeated or aggravate the condition. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome in the summer with caution cool drinks. 
Second, living sometimes, cautious sunshine summer hot weather, sunshine a long time. Nephrotic syndrome patients, must comply with the weather changes, to develop a good habit of living. About 1:00 or so the best arrangements for half an hour or so lunch time, this can guarantee physical strength, to benefit rehabilitation. There are some harmful rays in the sun, such as r-ray, easily against the human body caused by skin inflammation, nephrotic syndrome patients with their own immune function is low, it should be cautious in the sun, so as to avoid skin inflammation worse. 
Third, pay attention to the living room environment, pay attention to sleep Health Summer, nephrotic syndrome patients should be arranged in the room spacious, bright, ventilated, ventilated, to maintain a certain temperature. Air conditioning should not be transferred too low, lower than the outdoor temperature 5c ~ 6 & deg; c is appropriate, or easily due to rapid changes in hot and cold and a cold. Bedding to be clean, dry, the bedroom to light soft, ventilated and breathable. Due to weakened basal metabolism after falling asleep, human self-defense function is poor, very cold cold, so patients with nephrotic syndrome, summer sleep should pay attention to cover the abdomen, Wei Wei Yang, to prevent colds. 
Fourth, appropriate exercise, pay attention to health appropriate sports for the recovery of the disease beneficial. Such as walking, playing tai chi, practicing qigong and so on. But should pay attention to exercise time, to the morning and evening is appropriate, must not be strong at noon or sun exercise. Although swimming is a good sport in the summer, but because of swimming need to consume a lot of physical strength, as well as swimming venues health is not guaranteed, it is recommended that patients with nephrotic syndrome do not swim. 
For patients with nephrotic syndrome, summer health should include two aspects: First, food hygiene, not eat sour rot, enzyme rotten or overnight unclean food, so as to avoid gastrointestinal diseases, affecting rehabilitation. Another is personal hygiene, clothing to wash the lottery, loose, cotton soft is appropriate, should always take a bath, clean the skin in order to avoid prickly heat, furon infection to relapse or aggravate the disease. Pay attention to mosquitoes, flies and other summer insects, prevent their bite to make skin infections.
Fifth, adjust the emotions, abstinence to protect the spirit of relief is often repeated illness, an important reason for fluctuations in blood pressure. Nephrotic syndrome course of the disease, the patient must have the confidence to overcome the disease, cleverly adjust the emotions, such as flowers and birds to entertain, calligraphy, reading, chess and so can be happy mood, promote health. 
Some patients with nephrotic syndrome in patients with repeated, carefully asked the relationship with the intercourse. General condition in the recovery period, normal blood pressure, no abnormal urine test when the occasional sexual health has no problem. If the high degree of edema, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, reluctantly sexual life, but it is the enemy of stable condition, and even cause the disease deteriorated. Summer, the original loss of the body of Yin Jin more, if the nephrotic syndrome in patients with sexual intercourse, sweating, ax chisel Yin Jing, the disease will be repeated or aggravated. Therefore, nephrotic syndrome patients in summer the best taboo sex life.

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