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Is the cure rate of nephrotic syndrome high?

2017-09-12 17:52

The cure rate of nephrotic syndrome is related to many factors, such as present condition, symptom, cause of disease, method of treatment and precautions. Is the cure rate of nephrotic syndrome high?

Is the cure rate of nephrotic syndrome high?

Nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of causes, although it is characterized by a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, edema, hyperlipidemia and other symptoms characterized by clinical features. But the same nephrotic syndrome has different causes. Nephrotic syndrome can be divided into two categories: simple nephrotic syndrome and nephritic nephrotic syndrome by clinical manifestations. The difference between the two is nephritis, nephrotic syndrome with nephritis performance.

Effective treatment can be achieved if positive treatment is taken after the diagnosis is made. Most of the current treatments for nephrotic syndrome are hormone therapy. However, the western medicine, hormone and other drugs have limited therapeutic effect and side effects, but they are not ideal, but the cost is not low. The disease is repeated, and there will be many complications for a long time.

There are many factors that promote the progression of nephrotic syndrome: such as disorder of immune function, microcirculation, drop resistance, coagulation hyperthyroidism, abnormal extracellular matrix deposition, inflammatory reaction, a large number of pathogenic immune complex deposition, and hormone only can play anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effect for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome just play a role in the treatment, not comprehensive treatment. So that nephrotic syndrome can not be completely cured.

Only grasp the pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome and the underlying causes of its symptoms, targeted treatment, in order to effectively control the leakage of protein and hematuria, in order to gradually recover the condition. Nephrotic syndrome occurs because patients with kidney function within the cells of ischemia and hypoxia due to work overload and damaged, the increase of glomerular basement membrane filtration pore, protein, red blood cells and other substances in the urine leakage, patients manifested as proteinuria, blood urine and other symptoms.

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