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Can nephrotic syndrome be cured in children?

2017-09-12 17:59

Whether nephrotic syndrome in children can be cured depends on the degree of progress of the disease, the treatment methods used and the daily care of the three aspects. Only when this is done, nephrotic syndrome in children can be better restored. So, can nephrotic syndrome be cured in children?

Can nephrotic syndrome be cured in children?

Whether nephrotic syndrome can be cured in children depends on the patient's physical condition, when patients with liver disease in children nephrotic syndrome, cytotoxic drugs should not be used, processing more difficult, and the children of different drugs have different reactions, such as some children is not sensitive to hormone. The other organs in the child are diseased, or are they adapted to the most effective drugs?.

There are many treatment methods for nephrotic syndrome in children. It is the key to take the right treatment and early treatment. Hormone therapy is used most early in the day. Although there are some disadvantages in hormone therapy, it can relieve the patient's condition for a short time, but the patient is easy to relapse under the influence of cold, fatigue and infection. In this way, the cure rate for children with nephrotic syndrome is small. If you want better treatment, the cure rate is high, the key lies in symptomatic treatment.

For the cause of nephrotic syndrome in children for treatment. To find out the cause of nephrotic syndrome in children, according to the patient's symptoms, timely targeted treatment, so as to effectively control the leakage of protein and hematuria, can gradually recover the disease.

According to the complications of nephrotic syndrome, such as edema, dyslipidemia and other symptomatic treatment. Treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome, in addition to regular treatment, also includes drug treatment, first of all, the first choice for kidney damage smaller drugs. For patients with severe kidney pathological changes, the combination of clinical hormones and immunosuppressive agents can minimize the side effects of drugs and make drugs available.

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