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Hyperlipidemia symptom in nephrotic syndrome

2017-09-20 14:58
The mechanism of hyperlipidemia in nephrotic syndrome is not clear enough. Nephrotic syndrome patients often emit large amounts of urine protein that plasma protein decreased, hypoproteinemia can compensatory protein, especially fat protein such as very low density lipoprotein synthesis accelerated, the latter can be transformed into low density lipoprotein, and LDL increased, which may be formed due to hyperlipidemia.
As a result, plasma lipids increase in most patients with nephrotic syndrome, and even when fasting, plasma can be milky. Although many kinds of lipids in the blood can be increased, neutral lipids increase most, cholesterol and triglyceride are increased, and the degree of which is negatively correlated with the decrease of serum albumin. Early blood cholesterol was greater than 7.15 mmol / L, which could be increased to about 25.86 mmol / L, and the ratio of cholesterol to phospholipid increased to 1.28 (average normal value was 0.95). Xanthoma can appear on the skin of the patient.
Hyperlipidemia of nephrotic syndrome can lead to atherosclerosis, thrombosis and embolism for too long. The researchers observed in patients with chronic renal failure with normal triglyceride synthesis, decreased lipoprotein lipase activity, triglyceride decomposition disorder; at the same time, due to increased in patients with chronic renal insufficiency of blood triglyceride levels, vascular disease incidence rate increase, so to be careful in treatment of hyperlipidemia. But these patients have a poor response to dietary therapy, and should be treated with cholesterol lowering resin and niacin.

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