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Medication guidelines for children with nephrotic syndrome

2017-09-21 14:22
Glucocorticoid is the most effective drug of choice in the world for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome. In other words, hormones are the best. But the hormone side effect is bigger, cannot eat for a long time. The treatment of nephrotic syndrome with hormone should follow the principle of sufficient quantity, slow reduction and long term maintenance. We should strictly implement the hormone reduction program formulated by doctors.
1, make sure the daily dose and time (usually after breakfast).
2, familiar with and correctly control the dose and duration of each dose.
3, Perform routine urinalysis test every week.
4, shall not be based on the urine test results, arbitrarily increase or decrease the amount of drugs. Take hormone children, must be under the guidance of the doctor, with the disease improved, gradually reduce until stop the drug. Parents should supervise their children the amount of medication on time, must not be reduced and stopped at random, so as to avoid repeated illness.
Warm tip: daily care should pay attention to, in addition to high edema and complicated infection, generally do not need absolute bed rest. The activity increased gradually after the remission of the disease. Remission can be attended gradually after 3~6 months, but it is necessary to avoid overwork.

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