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Trace elements and nephrotic syndrome

2017-09-29 17:55

Etiology: damage to the glomerular capillary through the membrane leading to nephrotic syndrome. Secondary causes include infection, drugs, toxins, allergies, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, etc..

Trace elements and nephrotic syndrome

The relationship between trace elements and nephrotic syndrome:

Zinc: zinc deficiency is not the cause of nephrotic syndrome, is the result of the disease, causing many symptoms, such as growth and development retardation, immune dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, wound healing decline, fatigue and so on. Copper deficiency leads to the reduction of sulfur binding protein, ceruloplasmin excretion increased in blood decreased. Iron: serum iron is reduced in the body of the patient. Mercury: toxic to the kidneys, causing degeneration and necrosis of cells, resulting in immune damage to the kidneys.

Clinical features: severe edema, systemic, postural and concavity, decreased albumin.

Diagnosis: courage, proteinuria, edema, serum zinc, copper, iron decreased.

The treatment of trace elements and nephrotic syndrome:  results from the massive loss of urine proteins and timely supplementation of lost trace elements, which is beneficial to maintaining the balance of trace elements. Improve appetite, promote growth and development, improve immunity, reduce respiratory tract and urinary tract infections.

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