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Why renal occult blood is difficult to be eliminated?

2017-11-03 17:01

For patients with nephropathy, urine protein and occult blood are the most common symptoms. Of which, after the use of hormone, urine protein may soon turn negative, but urine occult blood is difficult to turn negative.

Why renal occult blood is difficult to be eliminated?

Renal occult blood causes

There are many causes of urine occult blood, such as stones, cysts, urinary tract infections, nephritis and so on. Urinary occult blood is difficult to eliminate, in fact mainly glomerulonephritis. Such as IgA nephritis is the main clinical manifestations of urinary occult blood. This is actually due to IgA-based immune complexes deposited in the mesangial area, causing mesangial matrix and mesangial cell proliferation. This hyperplasia squeezes the glomerular capillaries, leading to a widening of the capillary endothelial cell junction, allowing the red blood cells to "squeeze" out of the gap.

Renal occult blood treatment difficulties

Urinary occult blood or hematuria are mostly related to the inflammatory reaction, which is almost a well-known thing. So the question came: Since the reaction with the inflammation, why the inhibition of inflammation has a good effect of the hormone, in the elimination of urinary occult blood has no effect? The reason is just as mentioned above, because of glomerular capillary endothelial cells become large fissures.

How to clean up immune complex?

Promote blood circulation. So we can see that we use hormones to filtrate the proteinuria caused by barrier damage. However, the urinary occult blood caused by the inflammatory reaction we use Chinese patent drug.

How to treat renal occult blood?

In most cases, doctors do not recommend active treatment of renal occult blood. Because the urinary occult blood doesn’t continue to damage the glomerular filtration barrier like urine protein; red blood cell leakage itself will not have much impact on the human body; there is no effective urinary occult blood for drugs. Therefore, in patients with kidney disease, doctors focus on the suppression of urinary protein, once the protein is negative, even if the occult urine is still positive, it will not be aggressive treatment.

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