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How does the patient of kidney synthesis do good maintenance?

2017-02-02 17:35

Part of nephritic patients, because there is no good disease care, showing the condition repeatedly and aggravate the phenomenon. So in the kidney in the treatment of patients, patients must pay attention to the coordination of conditioning, away from the disease showed deterioration. So how to do a good job of kidney comprehensive patient care? Let me have a kidney expert for the detailed analysis.
How does the patient of kidney synthesis do good maintenance? Main attention to the following points:
A diet, a diet first to maintain not Tanliang, in addition, the patient should also light diet, eat easy to digest food. Avoid beef and mutton, seafood, spicy spicy food, wine, etc.; eat fresh fruits and vegetables, get enough feet of water.
Two, sports protection of the kidney in patients with sufficient foot rest and sleep time, can be appropriate exercise, such as walking in the morning and evening, Tai Chi, etc.. Remember, don't try to swim away from the shower, increase the risk of catching a cold.
Three, adjust the mood hot weather, normal people are easy to get. So the patient should pay attention to maintain an optimistic and happy state of mind, to help restore the condition. Otherwise it will lead to low resistance to the patient, aggravating kidney disease.
Four, the daily life of patients living room should maintain the temperature must not be less than 26 degrees Celsius, or easy to change due to indoor and outdoor temperature difference and cold. In addition, the bedroom should be light, breathable, clean and dry.
As long as the patient as soon as possible, we must be able to control the development of the disease. One of my school "characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy" to "dialectical theory of governance" as the foundation, "a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, to heal and heal the whole combination of rules, through accurate detection means of modern medicine to determine the causes of various kidney disease mechanism thus, scientific classification, classification, staging, to achieve the ideal treatment of fruit.
Warm tip: I believe that through effective treatment and proper conditioning with the kidney of the patient must be treated as soon as possible. So the vast majority of patients with kidney, be sure to pay attention to the conditioning of the disease. If there is no way to solve the problem in detail for you, I suggest you consult our hospital online experts. According to your specific condition, you can give a better treatment plan.

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