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What is the need to pay attention to the Western diet

2017-02-02 17:32
Nephrotic syndrome is a disease, the current widespread in fact, it's also true in many patients, it is due to its presence, so many patients are very distressed. Kidney injury to the human body is very large, which led to the attention of the majority of patients. In order to cure kidney synthesis, the first to start from the diet. So, what is the need for attention? The following is our website under the kidney disease experts in the hospital.

First, high vitamin intake for patients with kidney, usually accompanied by a lack of vitamins, which is mainly related to dietary restrictions and diseases so that metabolic abnormalities. So the patient should strengthen the work of friends, to obtain high vitamin, most of these vitamins in fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, rape, leek, orange, hawthorn, add fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet every day.
2, in the selection of protein foods, as far as possible fish, lean meat, chicken, milk based.
Two, restrict protein diet because the protein will be decomposed into ammonia in the body, which will increase the burden of kidney ammonia decomposition, especially for vegetable protein, so for the patient, should try to make a low protein diet.
1, the patient should try to eat less vegetable protein, such as beans and bean products, etc..
Three, to obtain high calorie nephrotic patients should pay attention to the heat gain, get enough carbohydrates to supply the body with enough calories to less protein to improve heat decomposition, azotemia, also can make the amino acids of low protein diet and make full use of the.
1, potato, taro, potato, apple, lotus root contains carbohydrates are also very rich, can be used as a food supply to eat between meals.
2, the heat needs about 125.6J/kg per day, through the daily intake of staple food, mainly from carbohydrate rich rice, wheat, corn and other grains.
What are the aspects of the kidney? The diet is quite key for nephrotic patients, only in daily life to develop a good eating habits of your illness will help, from the above explanation, we should see the patient in the usual what food is to eat, what food is to be patient taboo. Our nephrology experts finally remind patients: a good diet determines a healthy body!

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