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The best way to treat kidney

2017-02-02 17:29

In recent years, more and more patients with kidney complex, people are increasingly afraid of the kidney. Kidney disease experts show: kidney is a more serious kidney disease, any age will suffer from kidney syndrome, the disease is difficult to cure, serious words will threaten the lives of patients. How is kidney synthesis treated?
Kidney disease experts on kidney kidney syndrome and the performance of the overall performance of the scale, a simple explanation is as follows:
1, proteinuria PRO: adult urinary protein PRO per day more than 3.5G, the first feature of the kidney must be integrated. Albumin is the major component of PRO. (advisory QQ:010-68067120)
2, hypoproteinemia: plasma albumin is lower than 30g children, for the kidney must be integrated with the characteristics of the second, mainly by a large number of plasma albumin caused by urinary excretion.
3, hyperlipidemia: plasma cholesterol, triglycerides, low density and very low density lipoprotein can be significantly increased. This is a common feature of patients with renal syndrome.
4. Edema: the degree of edema of the kidney is different, the most obvious is the cell. Often manifested in the eyes and lower limbs, severe patients with systemic edema or see the chest, abdominal cavity, and even pericardial effusion. This is also a common feature of kidney patients.
5, high blood pressure: adult kidney of patients with about 20% ~ 40% high blood pressure. It is usually moderate, often between 18.7 - 22.7/12.7 ~ 14.7KPa.
Expert of kidney nephrosis expert is warm clew: suffer from kidney to be able to take full advantage of time to cure, in order to be far from Miss better cure time! Where is the treatment of kidney disease better?
My site is affiliated with kidney disease hospital treatment of kidney comprehensive use of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six"
"Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy" to "dialectical theory of governance" as the foundation, "a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, to heal and heal the whole combination of rules, by means of modern medicine to determine the precise detection of various disease causes nephropathy mechanism, and the scientific classification, classification, staging.
According to the etiology and classification of classification results, follow the principle of "tonifying the kidney, kidney, kidney, kidney complex" treatment philosophy, scientific differentiation, using "self blood immune kidney treatment", "Na Zhi Tong immune kidney treatment method" and "multi targeted Fu Yuan kidney treatment", "biological immune complex kidney treatment method" is not the same as the treatment alternative and orderly cure, eliminating inflammation and body kidney, recover from damaged kidney cells, so that the function of restoration and reconstruction, and to correct the immune "fluid, endocrine imbalance imbalance, the environment and the body immune function recovered completely, the activation of reengineering the renal function, achieve radical nephropathy.
Four therapeutic means for each other, complement each other, the internal treatment of disease, the treatment of the disease, to achieve multi-directional, multi angle, multi-channel, multi-target, multi way to cure the purpose of kidney disease.
A kidney specialist reminder: side effects of Shenzong on people is quite large, to eventually be able to threaten people's lives, so the majority of patients with nephritic, be sure to take the time to the regular hospital for treatment, so that it can effectively control the disease, so they can be treated as soon as possible.

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