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How should a child kidney synthesis better conditioning?

2017-01-24 16:23

If you can not be very good in life to prevent the occurrence of a child kidney complex, then the patient should not worry too much. Next, the most important thing is to do a good job in the treatment of disease, kidney during the comprehensive treatment of active cooperation. So how should a child kidney comprehensive conditioning? Let me have a kidney expert for the detailed analysis.
How should a child kidney synthesis better conditioning? Main attention to the following points:
First, the diet
Because a large number of children suffering from the excretion of urine protein, the body often occurs protein foot phenomenon, it should be given from the diet. Sick children's menu should contain foot amount of protein. In addition, the amount of salt should be limited.
Two, medication
Sick children in stable condition, usually need medication. Should check the child's medication every day. Because children usually have to take a diuretic hormone drugs, child urine volume increases, the need for special attention.
Three, clothing and sleep
Should pay attention to the weather change the time for children to change clothes, pay attention to warm. Nap should be given more care to ensure that the child's feet full of sleep.
Four, activities
Due to the long time of children taking hormones, resistance to reduce, easy to concurrent respiratory infection, should strictly limit the child's activity. Can do some quiet game, away from strenuous exercise, so as to keep away from the child fatigue, increase the condition.
Five, away from the infection:
Grasp the epidemic, away from cross infection, if the other sources of infection, should seize the time to isolate the children suffering from kidney disease, or let it go home culture, in order to prevent infection on other infectious diseases. Because now the child nephropathy is the most important period, must not be careless, please take the time to bring the child to the local hospital, so far away from the mistake. The characteristics of Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy from infection causes, environmental reasons, immune causes, nerve function disorders, endocrine causes, plants lack of trace elements and nutrition, disorder, drug induced The new supersedes the old. pathogenic causes, spirit of reason, renal microcirculation and ischemia, hypoxia and ischemia other causes of impaired perfusion, starting from the mechanism of kidney disease and the disease pathogenesis, treatment and multi angle, multi channels, multiple targets and pathways for the treatment of kidney disease.
Warm tip: in fact, the kidney will give a lot of people's lives have a huge impact, so the patient must pay attention to the treatment of the disease. In order to very good to control the development of the disease, the patient must pay attention to as soon as possible to seek medical treatment. I hope to help the majority of patients with nephropathy, and nephropathy experts advise patients and their families, if there is a similar question to consult our online experts with the patient, we will give the online service for you.

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