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What should be paid attention to in children's kidney?

2017-02-02 17:20

The kidney synthesis is not by age and sex, here, as we explain the child kidney ensemble, is always the heart of the child because parents treasure, children have parents was also poor, people now living conditions are good, in terms of diet selection is even more, then the child nephritic diet to pay attention to what? We are affiliated to the hospital under the kidney disease hospital experts have made a corresponding answer for your reference.
Our hospital shows nephritic kidney specialist, situation is to consider the pathogenesis of kidney damage principle already exists, can present a large number of nephrotic proteinuria PRO, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipemia and severe edema of a syndrome. PRO urine protein and occult blood showed is renal cells structure was destroyed, resulting in kidney filtration barrier damage to protein, occult blood.
If only in the treatment of symptomatic treatment reduced protein, elimination of occult blood but not to trigger the inherent structure of kidney cells is the cause of the damage recovery treatment, protein, occult blood just for a short time and easy manipulation. This time should be directed against the inherent cause of the kidney cells of the root causes of damage to the principle of treatment. Or even now show temporary dies, however after the encounter causes illness or very easily and repeatedly.
Children suffering from kidney syndrome do not recommend eating salty food. Diet should pay attention to less salt, blood pressure has not dropped to normal children, this is very important. But the food without salt, and will affect the appetite, should use low salt diet. After edema and high blood pressure disappeared, can improve the general diet, but also light, not salty. Bread and soda crackers also contain sodium, better not to eat the children. Can let the child eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, in order to provide vitamin.
What are the aspects of a child's kidney? Now living conditions are good, the child to what parents try to meet, in the diet, choose a variety of choice, but now the society some junk food, health has some influence on children's food is also more and more, which is no doubt the child is a kind of hurt, my website under the kidney hospital nephropathy experts remind parents: in the diet should pay more attention, especially for the sick child.

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