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How is uremia produced

2017-04-28 11:44
Uremia patients to bring a lot of unspeakable suffering, so we have to understand the cause of uremia in advance to control the spread of uremia. Therefore, for the cause of uremia, we must attach great importance to understand the relevant knowledge. Next, we ask you and our experts together to look at the causes of uremia.
  Causes of uremia
  The etiology of uremia:
  1. Age related. With the growth of the age, the structure and function of the kidney were significantly changed. This is one of the causes of induced uremia.
  2, renal cell carcinoma. The most direct uremia is caused by kidney cancer, the general chronic kidney disease will be the result of uremia. In the disease leading to uremia, renal cell carcinoma is also the cause of uremia.
  3, the cause of uremia is due to kidney damage caused by loss of renal function, body metabolism of nitrogen waste can not be discharged in vitro, to continue to accumulate in the body, the effects of hydropower balance imbalance, and water retention caused by electrolyte disturbance phenomenon, which leads to the emergence of the disease, serious impact on health.
  Nursing methods for patients with uremia
  1. Active treatment
  Uremia is a deadly disease, but it is not without medicine. For patients without predisposing factors, renal function can not be considered, dialysis treatment can be considered. Dialysis therapy consists of three kinds of oral, peritoneal and hemodialysis (artificial kidney). In recent years, due to the widespread application of dialysis therapy, so that patients with advanced uremia for 5 years to survive and maintain a certain number of labor. Therefore, dialysis therapy is one of the effective methods for the treatment of advanced uremia.
  Uremia care
  2. Adequate rest
  Uremia patients should ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, do not engage in activities beyond strength and power.
  3. Avoid chemicals that damage the kidneys
  To avoid the use of cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and four vinyl chloride products and environment. They are commonly found in pesticides, automotive exhaust, paints, buildings and household cleaners.
  4. Limit the amount of food with high picks
  We know that the human body every day to drink a certain amount of water to ensure health, urine is produced every day, every day, its quality is a part of our physical health. A lot of people because of the habit or objective circumstances, inconvenient to go to the bathroom immediately. But the fact that urination in our human body occupies the final task, if it hinders the normal implementation of the task, the harm to the body is very serious, such as our well-known uremia.
  Urine is a product of the metabolism of the kidney, the kidney in the urine to regulate the body of excess water, excretion of metabolic waste and toxins produced by the body metabolism. Daily intake of food and the body's metabolism of water, in the body with blood flow into the kidney. There are a lot of "glomerular filters" in the kidneys". Glomerular filtration water and metabolic waste. When the blood flows into the filter, the excess water in the blood together with the body's metabolic waste filtered out to form urine. Urine into the bladder through the ureter to store up to a certain amount, it will produce a sense of urination, usually the amount of urine produced by adults every 24 hours is from 1000 to 2000 ml.
  Therefore, in addition to the short time to do some checking bieniao, any other case should not hold back.
  The discharge of urine, is a way of human The new supersedes the old., if the urine is discharged out, will cause great harm to the human body, for uremia disease, patients must be treated actively, to ensure adequate rest, to ensure a healthy diet, balanced nutrition, fast food containing large amount of Ho, the only way to make patients recover as soon as possible.

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