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How to relieve uremia after dialysis?

2017-05-02 18:37
How about the maintenance hemodialysis after dialysis, after how maintenance issues with this is a lot of nephropathy were more concerned about the problem, here we will look at the experts of Shandong red sun kidney hospital is how to answer.
Experts said: regular kidney dialysis patients to be receiving dialysis treatment, to ensure sleep; secondly insist on doing exercise every day, develop good health habits, prevention of infection; regular blood pressure measurement and recording, do not have the phenomenon of constipation; to observe skin color. In the use of a variety of drugs, should pay attention to the time and manner of taking different, should follow the instructions of the doctor taking. Some before meals, after meals, should be separated so as not to affect the efficacy. Uremia patients should maintain an optimistic attitude.
At the same time, once a day after dialysis disinfection, time 1 hours, concentration: the solution of the 5% Venus disinfectant, diluted into 1000PPM. After disinfection of reverse osmosis water rinse for 30 minutes, the next day at 30 minutes before dialysis, every week with citric acid cleaning.
There is to be in a fixed time every day, with the same weight weighing measurement, the weight of the two dialysis period of not more than 2 ~ 3 kg. Measure the daily urinary volume, daily water intake for daily urine volume of +500 ml of water, eat porridge, noodles, containing a lot of water, to be strictly controlled. Do not eat too salty, so as not to increase the amount of drinking water.
Through the above introduction, how to maintain the understanding of uremia dialysis how? Uremic dialysis after the maintenance of the control of the disease played a crucial role, we must take this issue seriously, if there are questions you can consult our online experts.

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