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Uremia can intake of alcohol

2017-05-02 18:52
Uremia can drink it? Got uremia, still can drink? Some people think that drinking less is good for the body, which does have some truth, but who can grasp this amount? There are many harmful effects of drinking.
Drinking a little is good for health, such as strengthen the protection ability of the body to the damage of ultraviolet radiation and so on, but the amount is few, only a day or a few grams converted into alcohol, alcohol consumption is generally not so little, it is difficult to control, therefore, patients with uremia kidney disease is best to stay away from "wine".
Drinking is harmful to various body organs: long time drinking can cause anemia, platelet function disorders, the occurrence of various causes of gastrointestinal hemorrhage; malabsorption, lack of nutrition treatment will cause the body to vitamin B1, folic acid and B2 decrease the utilization rate, increase the excretion of vitamin B6; also can lead to hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.
Drinking is harmful to the kidney: drinking will affect the nitrogen balance of the body, increase the protein decomposition, increased urea nitrogen content in the blood, which will increase the burden on the kidneys, if normal is not great, but for patients with kidney or chronic renal insufficiency patients, disease rehabilitation is a "stumbling block".
The harm of alcohol on the liver: more than 90% we drink is metabolized in the liver inside the liver metabolism of alcohol is very strong, if we drink 50 ml of wine Moutai, which is about 3O grams of alcohol, the liver metabolism requires about 46 hours. However, hepatic metabolism of alcohol is to damage their own expense, because in the metabolic process to consume a large amount of coenzyme I, coenzyme II and cytochrome P450, excessive consumption of these substances can cause liver cell necrosis, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis gradually.
We know that the rehabilitation of kidney disease need to have a good 'week will be' environment, and drinking on all organs of the body are harmful, so the adverse effects of alcohol on the rehabilitation of kidney disease, kidney disease patients should not drink.

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