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Uremia face is too poor to how to recuperate

2017-05-05 18:40

As we all know, for patients with uremia, must be timely treatment. However, uremia is very difficult to treat this disease, not overnight can be completed. Therefore, many patients with uremia complexion is not good. So in the end uremia face is too bad, in the diet above how to recuperate?

Protein restriction

For no dialysis patients, because the kidney can not be produced in the metabolism of protein after the waste discharged, it will make the uremic patients more serious illness, his complexion will be getting worse. Therefore, in life, we must reduce the patient's intake of protein. However, if the patient has a dialysis situation, we must pay more attention to, because it will make the inside of the dialysis protein loss, so we must listen to the nutritionist's advice, so as to maintain the body needs.

Sodium restriction

In fact, the salt containing sodium content is very high, if the uremic patients contain too much sodium, is likely to make the body inside the water retention, so that the patient's heart and lung function failure, and make more and more serious in patients with uremia. However, do not give patients the use of sodium salt, because the sodium salt contains a lot of potassium ions. In addition, it is necessary to limit the intake of potassium, because once the body accumulation of too much potassium can cause muscle weakness, severe cases can also cause heart failure.

Here, I believe that friends have been aware of uremia patients with poor face need to how to diet. For patients with uremia, must be more careful in the diet, can not eat do not to eat, that is likely to make more and more serious symptoms, and may cause danger.


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