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What are the symptoms of uremia

2017-05-05 18:41

Uremia is commonly known as chronic renal failure, usually refers to a variety of kidney diseases cause kidney function progressive irreversible decline, until the loss of function of a series of symptoms and metabolic disorder of clinical syndrome. The probability of occurrence is high, so we should pay enough attention to it. In order to better ensure the efficacy of treatment, usually require adequate understanding of the early symptoms of uremia.

Initial symptoms of uremia

Early symptoms of uremia usually is not obvious, because the patient's health, age and other factors, different groups of friends in the early symptoms of uremia were also different. Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of patients with uremia at the beginning of more or less, such as swelling, nausea, vomiting, anemia, high blood pressure, urine volume changes and other symptoms.

Uremia project

Because of the early symptoms of uremia is not obvious, so early uremia in addition to the symptoms, more attention is paid to the combination of laboratory tests. In addition to the positive role of the full attention of urine, blood tests, renal function tests, urinary X-ray angiography, renal biopsy examination in diagnosis of uremia and disease diagnosis, help earlier and more scientific.

Through the above, must have a lot of friends have some understanding of what the problem of the early symptoms of uremia, relevant experts pointed out that the early symptoms of uremia in uremia, it was important to avoid the consequences of not timely treatment, we should pay attention to the early symptoms and related inspection, and minimize the harm to avoid disease.



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