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How is uremic disease caused?

2017-05-05 18:43

No matter what kind of disease, we should be aware of the causes of its life, such as the history of the disease has entered into our field of vision. And the emergence of the disease will be a direct threat to our lives, so want to treat disease, we should first understand its causes. In clinical uremia is mainly the renal tissue appeared all fibrosis, leading to kidney appeared loss of performance, the kidney is very important for us, if kidney problems will directly cause failure.

Causes of uremia

In diabetes and hypertension, patients with uremic disease group is relatively high, so these people must be able to control, avoid to read several times, there is a urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection, this will aggravate chronic pyelonephritis. The kidney will induce uremia directly, the emergence of uremia also has a direct relationship with age, the probability in older adults suffering from uremia is relatively high, then we have when using drugs of certain side effects, will also affect our kidney.

Control blood pressure to prevent uremia

Suffering from hypertension and diabetes who must pay attention to should control their blood pressure and blood glucose in life, regularly go to the hospital for testing, can be found in the urine trace protein of early detection, early treatment, if it is congenital polycystic kidney patients, we must pay attention to avoid high blood pressure and urinary tract infection. Inflammation of the kidneys often appear in the cold this time must be treated as soon as possible. Frequent occurrence of frequent urination or nocturia and urine thinning, all need to go to a regular hospital to accept the inspection, timely investigation.


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