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What are the symptoms of end-stage kidney failure(uremic)

2017-05-05 18:46

Uremia is the most end-stage renal insufficiency, is a very serious situation, this time in patients with glomerular damage has reached more than 95%, has almost no kidney function, no metabolism of toxins and waste, so what are the symptoms of uremia late? Below we have a detailed introduction this problem, hoping to help those in need of friends.

Late symptoms of uremia

1, nervous system performance

Advanced uremia patients will have symptoms of sleepiness, but also often seem very anxious, sometimes appear automatic speaking, muscle twitching and trembling, sometimes even convulsion coma, these are the most common symptoms of patients with advanced uremia and physical manifestations of nervous system.

2, gastrointestinal manifestations

Uremic patients with advanced gastrointestinal tract's performance is also very obvious, often nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea and other symptoms, and the inside exudes a smell of urine, oral mucosal ulceration may also occur, sometimes accompanied by gastrointestinal bleeding symptoms greatly.

3, skin manifestations

Uremia patients in the late stages of the performance of the skin, the skin of patients in this period has lost its luster, become boring, and there is the phenomenon of desquamation. In addition, due to the release of urea from the sweat glands are likely to cause uremic dermatitis, the patient will feel itching unbearable, after the skin is broken will cause infection.

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