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Uremia patients have low blood sugar, this is a manifestatio

2017-01-24 13:59

Uremia patients have low blood sugar, this is a manifestation of diabetes?

In recent years, the incidence of diabetes is getting higher and higher. Diabetes is a common disease, which is mainly caused by genetic and environmental factors. Many people do not pay attention to diet and health in their lives, not physical exercise, resulting in diabetes. Diabetes is harmful to people's health, and should be treated immediately after diagnosis.

We need to attach importance to diabetes in life, because according to the current medical level, methods have not been able to cure diabetes, so the diabetes will bring great harm to the patient's physical and mental health. The biggest feature of diabetes is that blood sugar is beyond the normal value, so we have to live in the event of this symptom, it is necessary to immediately go to the hospital for examination.

A lot of uremic patients appear symptoms of low blood sugar will doubt if you have diabetes, many of the symptoms of diabetes, abnormal blood sugar in addition to outside, there will be "a little" symptoms of polydipsia and polyuria, polyphagia and emaciation. Low blood sugar may also be caused by hunger or other causes, so only a low blood sugar is not able to determine whether diabetes.

Symptoms of low blood sugar should immediately go to the hospital to check, in order to determine the condition. Uremic patients do not give yourself too much psychological burden, in life, to relax the mood, do not fear the disease, hypochondriasis. Uremia, although there is no cure, but as long as the adherence to treatment, will be able to ease the condition, control the disease, and the normal life and life.

The main work is to prevent diabetes, in life we should do a good job of prevention, good prevention can effectively prevent the disease. First of all, to maintain a good state of mind in life, to avoid excessive fluctuations in mood. Diet should be a reasonable diet, avoid high calorie intake of high calorie foods, reasonable weight control, develop good eating habits. Exercise more, increase resistance and immunity. Abstinence from alcohol and other health hazards of bad habits.

The above is for uremia patients with low blood sugar is not the existence of diabetes has been analyzed, at present, although there is no cure for diabetes, but we can not lose hope. As long as we usually do preventive work, disease symptoms timely inspection, active treatment, selection of appropriate methods of symptomatic treatment, long-term adherence to treatment can relieve symptoms and control the disease, and can obtain a healthy life.


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