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Uremia is a kind of disease? And how to treat it?

2017-01-24 14:13

Uremia is a kind of disease? And how to treat it?

Uremia is actually refers to the human body can not produce urine through the kidneys, the body's metabolism of waste and excess water excreted in the body, caused by poisoning. Modern medicine thinks uremia is a series of complex syndrome which is caused by the disorder of internal biochemical process. Rather than an independent disease known as renal failure syndrome or referred to as renal failure, the term PIORRY and HERITER described in 1840.

Western medicine treatment of uremia

1 symptomatic treatment: diuretic with 10% glucose 300 ~ 500ml furosemide 100 ~ 500mg intravenous antihypertensive with captopril, methyldopa, reserpine, Compound Kendir Leaves Tablets etc.. Correct acid given oral or intravenous sodium bicarbonate, anabolic steroids (such as testosterone, nandrolone) etc.. Adjuvant treatment of commonly used ATP, coenzyme A, etc., are used in the conventional dose, according to the specific circumstances of patients with appropriate addition and subtraction, appropriate restrictions on water, sodium, food protein content.

2. Hemodialysis (hemodialysis) and peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), hemodialysis patients with selective vascular disease and severe anemia, 2 times a week. CAPD select older persons. Systemic edema, severe anemia patients 4 times a day.

The medication guide: Uremia with deficiency in spleen and kidney is the poisoning caused by intrinsic standard, in the development of the disease exist in the process of the virtual reality of the pathological features. The experiment shows that the medicine of warming kidney and Invigorating Qi can improve the renal disease and enhance the immunity. Activating blood circulation and removing stasis drugs combined with heat clearing and detoxicating drugs can inhibit renal tubular atrophy and fibrous tissue proliferation, and promote the reversal of renal units used for waste. Tongfu Xiere drugs can make the blood bun and CVT decreased and the improvement of symptoms, and can improve the body's immune function.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of uremia

1, traditional Chinese medicine machine for intervention therapy of kidney area of traditional Chinese medicine iontophoresis.

Direct administration of the kidney area, through far infrared heating, through the skin meridian microcirculation, the high concentration of traditional Chinese medicine.

Everfount penetration into the kidney internal necrosis of the renal unit will be hardening softening, thereby increasing renal blood oxygen, to harden the necrotic renal unit to begin work, so as to achieve the effect of tackling the problem.

2, oral administration of traditional Chinese Medicine

In the course of lingering, pathogenesis and perplexing, different stages, treatment must be based on the differentiation features of disease treatment, the general choice of astragalus root, aconite root, Cordyceps, epimedium, Morinda officinalis, Jiang Banxia, salvia, Plantago, perilla stem, coptis root, rhubarb, peach, angelica, safflower kidney Xiezhuo isothermal clearing and removing blood stasis drugs, these drugs can strengthen the body resistance, promoting blood circulation, removing and not hurt the upright, with innovation, improve renal blood flow, reduce blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, acidosis and other effects, can significantly improve clinical symptoms, improve metabolism and immune function, accelerate the excretion of toxic substances, further to prevent damage of glomerulus, inhibit the increase of urea nitrogen and creatinine, increase hemoglobin.

3, Chinese medicine enema

This method has a certain effect of colon dialysis, but different from the colon dialysis, is an important way to remove the nitrogen in the body, for the supplement of oral drugs, especially for patients who can not take the drug more appropriate. General selection of rhubarb, aconite, raw oysters, tuckahoe, dandelion in Tongfu Xiezhuo, promote the toxins from the intestinal excretion, inhibit protein decomposition, and increase intestinal peristalsis, prevent intestinal absorption, promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body, can reduce the residual renal units load increased, so as to control the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen toxic substance.

4, bath

Generally choose more easily through the skin into the body to play the role of drugs. Such as ephedra, cassia, notopterygium, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, safflower, windproof, asarum, warm effect by medicine bath, the medicine directly to the skin, because skin temperature, skin telangiectasia, promote blood and lymph circulation, the poison with sweat excretion, so can have renal damage have the opportunity to recover, the urine volume increased, edema, improve the immune capacity. The present study showed that ephedra can improve renal blood flow, safflower can improve the circulation function, and play a diuretic effect. Due to a large number of body water discharge, edema, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine is excreted not only alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting, can rapidly improve the risk of hyperkalemia symptoms brought to the skin, the role of dialysis.

Above is the introduction of the treatment of uremia, from two aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, for uremia should actively cooperate with the doctor, so as not to miss the best treatment time.


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