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Why people have to uremia

2017-01-24 14:35

Why people have to uremia

Many people do not pay attention to the control of diet in life, leading to the body suffering from such a disease, so that the burden of the kidney, causing uremia. Uremia treatment is very difficult, the treatment time is long, the treatment cost is heavy, has brought the psychological and the economical burden to many families. Why do people get uremia? This is closely related to people's living habits.

The main cause of uremia is the serious decline of renal function and the occurrence of renal failure. The quick pace of modern life, develop a lot of bad habits, which directly caused irreparable damage to the kidney. Many people used to stay up late, in the depth of night would not sleep; eat hardcore food, not salty, not spicy food to eat; drug abuse, a minor illness eat a lot of renal injury medicine; obviously fatigue but would not rest until I was exhausted, so far; others work pressure, or all concerned heavy...... These habits are no less than a great harm to our kidneys, and for a long time, kidney function will decline, and ultimately, kidney failure.

In addition to the influence of bad habits, some common diseases can also cause uremia. High blood pressure, the study shows that 15% of patients with hypertension will directly makeup for uremia. Diabetes, many patients with diabetes, the final result is suffering from uremia, diabetic patients suffering from uremia high-risk groups. Kidney disease, the severity of kidney disease is directly related to the function of the kidney, chronic glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, if not timely treatment will be converted to uremia. In addition, urinary tract infections, urinary tract infections, lung infections, skin infections and some serious gastrointestinal diseases are also likely to lead to the occurrence of uremia.

Although it is difficult to find in the early stage of uremia, treatment is also difficult, but if found in a timely manner, the patient actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment and strict control of the diet, or is likely to control the condition even cured. Urinary tract obstruction, systemic lupus erythematosus and other diseases caused by the greater chance of cure uremia, so the active treatment of the primary disease is also helpful for the recovery of uremia.


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