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How to stay away from acute uremia"

2017-01-25 11:02
How to stay away from acute uremia"
How to stay away from acute uremia look? This is the so-called life guard, we always no enough away from some diseases, acute uremia as more common, the disease of the Months and years pass by. we live now, ruin our lives, let people not in peace. Therefore, we should do a good job of prevention of the disease, away from the rapid development of the disease. So, this is my kidney experts to explain.
To prevent one, adults should check more than once a year urine routine and renal function tests:
Adults should be more than once a year to check the urine routine and renal function tests, when the urine routine examination of the urine PRO l higher performance, etc., the patient's friends should cause attention. People at high risk of chronic nephritis, such as 60 years of age or older, family members of patients with chronic kidney disease, diabetes, gout, hyperuricemia and other metabolic diseases, high blood pressure, systemic lupus erythematosus, hepatitis, cancer, renal tissue of fewer patients, regardless of whether the performance should be every six months to a year to go to the hospital check a urine routine, renal function and kidney B Ultrasound, this occurs so as to fully prevent uremia.
Prevention two, patient friends to seek the views of the doctor, to ensure a reasonable and correct medication:
Recently, more and more cases of kidney injury caused by drugs. The drug can lead to renal damage including antifungal drug amphotericin B, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.. In addition, the renal toxicity of Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid are also more and more attention, many clinical patients is due to long time taking this kind of medicine caused by chronic renal damage. So the patient should not take medicine, must take medicine, to seek the views of the doctor, to ensure a reasonable and correct medication, and in the course of medication, close monitoring of drug adverse reactions.
Prevention of three, but not a good way of life caused by high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar:
And the poor life of high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar and so on, has become the focus of the cause of uremia. The establishment of a healthy way of living has the following requirements: stick to a low salt, light diet; balanced diet, not overeating and eat too much protein foods increase the burden of kidney; appropriate to drink plenty of water, not water; insist on physical exercise, weight control; away from the cold, throat, flat peach gland inflammation, the antibiotics completely cure in doctor guidance, from kidney disease induced by streptococcal infection, especially the young people need to pay attention to smoking, drinking away.
To sum up: all of the above are the experts in our hospital around the prevention of acute uremia and explain the measures for the majority of patients with friends reference. Experts stressed: acute nephropathy uremia is a rare disease, in recent years, often occur in China, resulting in a lot of people infected with the disease, a serious adverse effect, the patient's body so in order not to be hurt by the disease, the first is to recognize the disease, the second is to do the corresponding the prevention work.

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