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Acute uremia is how to form

2017-01-25 11:37
Acute uremia is how to form
Maybe in real life, many people have heard of acute uremia, perhaps itself is suffering from the disease, but the disease is not known how, but do not understand how the disease is formed, that is the ignorant of the disease ridden, especially for some of the disease people should to to strengthen the understanding of the disease. So, for acute uremia is how to form? The following is a kidney disease experts from the kidney hospital to explain.
Acute uremia is a disease caused by many causes of the clinical syndrome, is a sudden on renal function caused by renal circulation decline or renal tubular changes completely lost, so the kidneys cannot remove metabolic wastes from the body. When the kidneys can not exercise the normal function, will lead to toxins, waste and water accumulated in the body, causing acute uremia.
A comprehensive understanding of the causes of acute uremia, early preventive measures!
1, kidney poisoning type: more common reasons: 1. Exogenous toxins have heavy metals, X-ray contrast agents, antibiotics, sulfa drugs, insecticide, biological toxicity etc.. The endogenous toxin of myoglobin and hemoglobin.
2, kidney deficiency blood type: more common reason: blood circulation due to trauma, bleeding, major surgery, burns, infectious sex g, allergic g and less. The renal blood cell diseases, such as lupus nephritis, acute interstitial lupus nephritis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, toxemia of pregnancy, renal artery embolization.
3. The clinical features of acute renal failure can be classified into three categories: systemic disease, primary glomerular nephropathy and primary tubulointerstitial nephropathy:
Secondary to systemic disease: Although a variety of systemic diseases have renal manifestations, but a relatively small number of them will cause acute renal damage. The relative ratio is more to see, acute renal damage can be secondary to systemic vasculitis, especially primary cold ball in polyarteritis nodosa, hypoproteinemia, systemic lupus erythematosus and multiple myeloma patients.
The primary glomerular nephropathy: although other forms of primary glomerular diseases, such as membrane glomerulonephritis or mesangial proliferative lupus nephritis have probably been shown to accelerate the course of acute renal damage, however, is the most common primary glomerular disease is caused by the anti glomerular basement membrane antibody it can be, without or with pulmonary hemorrhage.
Primary tubulointerstitial nephropathy: the most important cause of acute tubular dysfunction is the acute tubular necrosis. Acute tubular necrosis may be caused by a variety of injuries, often have a variety of potential causes.
Acute uremia is how to form? The above to explain to you here, in our hospital expert tips: acute nephropathy uremia is a serious kidney disease, is also very large, so the side effects on the human body, I hope everyone of the disease is formed to strengthen the understanding of the causes and comprehensive understanding of the disease, in order to seize the time to do the corresponding the preventive measures, to ensure the health and safety of their own. Finally, I wish you good health!

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