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What is the reason that uremic makes patient the whole body

2017-01-26 16:05

Dialysis patients have a high proportion of itching, there may be many reasons. According to the above description there are several possibilities:

1, whether the treatment type (such as: the original cellulose membrane dialyzer, now changed to the polysulfone membrane). If you are not sure you can understand the medical staff in the dialysis room. Because have regular dialysis for 2 years, the last 3, 4 months before the emergence of the symptoms of itching, but also occurs in dialysis, dialysis after replacement does not exclude the type of allergic reaction to the new dialyzer, this situation can be processed using anti allergic drugs.

2, the same dialysis uremia patients are similar. If there are more uremic dialysis patients with some symptoms, consider the dialysis center water treatment problems, the need for relevant personnel to deal with.

3, whether the level of serum calcium and phosphorus and parathyroid hormone levels. Secondary hyperparathyroidism and calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders are the main cause of pruritus in many patients, especially the problem of hyperphosphatemia. If so, then through the attending physician on the prevention and treatment of this area can be.

4, dialysis is sufficient. Have all the symptoms of itching in many patients after dialysis, because of inadequate dialysis, and many molecules through the membrane, slowly in the skin is dry skin, peeling, itching and other symptoms, this situation can be solved by a full dialysis and blood filtration.

In order to alleviate the problem of pruritus after dialysis, we give the following suggestions:

1, local treatment, skin moisturizing, use some allantoin vitamin E ointment.

2, itches, and low calcium and high phosphorus, oral Rocaltrol Afadi or three 0.5ug, once every night.

3, reduce serum phosphorus relieve itching symptoms, can use good and beautiful, every Monday, in the morning to get a cup of water to send clothes, and then sit for half an hour. Note: gastrointestinal bleeding and other major problems can not be taken.

4, can take a "gabapentin treatment on the night after each dialysis, to alleviate the symptoms of itching, but side effects lead to dizziness, so be sure to pay attention to prevent the fall.

Recommendation: specific also asked the competent doctor to the competent doctor. We recommend to large specialist hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, for reference only.


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