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Why dialysis patients edema?

2017-01-26 15:47

Editor introduce too many friends before, today i will introduce the patient and his doctor, so that everyone on the dialysis patients can learn why dialysis patients edema? Firstly introduced the patient briefly:
Name: thatta
Country: Secret
Skin color: Black
Disease: kidney failure
Condition: he is a patient with kidney failure and treatment of renal failure in their country only have two ways, one is dialysis, two is looking for a kidney transplant. Originally thatta is according to the doctor's arrangements to dialysis , while waiting for a kidney, but the kidney is so difficult to come?
During dialysis, patients appeared systemic edema, dyspnea, loss of appetite, lay rough, poor quality of sleep and other symptoms. In order to get better treatment, through the Internet search found Chinese medicine has a very good treatment effect, in order to find magic Chinese medicine treatment, he came to china.
In local thatta only dialysis can temporarily clear the blood of toxins, but can not solve the fundamental problem from the root, with the increase in the number of dialysis, his kidney metabolism is getting worse; Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital at the same time take the dialysis , use of Chinese medicine of nourishing function to protect the existing normal kidney cells, finally give the kidney a recovery environment, raise temperature to rise the kidney cells not completely necrosis, and restoring partial renal function.
The following is a foreign patient in our hospital with the characteristics of the treatment method changed for some time: (pictured below)
 Patients with edema in our hospital is application Chinese medicine treatment, so why dialysis patients appear edema? Through  doctors we learn:
There are two reasons: one is the dialysis will cause the body electrolyte disorder, low protein, the edema heavy; two is patient’s kidney had pathological changes, leading to renal dysfunction, the body of water can not be excreted through the kidneys, resulting in excessive water retention in the patient's body surface, showed symptoms of edema.
Through  thatta just tell everyone although it is difficult to cure, but as long as have the right method, symptomatic treatment, it is very simple.


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