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Uremia spouse kidney disease is higher than the average person

2017-02-19 09:31

The couple live together for a long time, many living habits will affect each other, even cancer are the same; the spouse of uremic patients with each other life, diet, drug habits and other acquired factors, suffering from kidney disease risk is higher than the average two point eight times; this is the first in the world to do research for spouses in uremic patients.
The high rate of uremia for diabetes, past domestic relatives do screening on record a lot, but about uremia have not done so, relatives of screening, the medical team tries to uremia and two other pro forefront is to do research on screening kiss.

Couples stay together morning and night life habit similar
Kidney research decided to patients with no blood relationship, stay together morning and night chenbian also include screening, which led in the global medical community.
Study in 178 uremic patients as the object, there are 196 relatives and 95 spouses, in order to more accurately study also find Laiwuqiqi age the same non uremic people when control group; kidney disease screening for one year time urine, the breakthrough of the results.

Close relatives may be clustered
The study found that relatives of patients with blood relatives, the risk of kidney disease as high as two point six times, no blood of spouses, suffering from kidney disease risk of up to two point eight times.
This study shows that there is a cluster of chronic kidney disease in the consanguineous family, and also the first time confirmed that the spouses of patients with uremia, may be due to improper common living habits, become a high risk group of kidney disease.
For example, fifty-six year old Mr. Chen dialysis for more than five years, his two daughters for end-stage renal disease, kidney transplant has been more than a year, Chen's wife was to check out in the treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease.
Patients spouses should also be included in the control plan
These high risk uremia spouse, average two, married thirty years, together for a long time, living habits almost assimilation; he suggested that people should accept the family history of kidney disease screening track, other patients spouses should also be included in the control plan.

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